The Correct Planting On The Balcony

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:30 pm

But when planting the balcony, there are a few things to keep in mind so that the flowers have a long life and the flowers shine in their full color splendor.

What to pay attention to when planting the balcony.

We would like to create a small checklist for all balcony gardeners, so that the greening of the balcony is also guaranteed to be crowned with success.

The right time

The Correct Planting On The Balcony

It is very important to wait for the right time to plant the balcony. The best time to start potting the balcony plants is after May 16 – the day of the Ice Saints – because then the period of frost and cold is usually over and you can be sure, especially with less cold-resistant flowers such as begonias and daisies, that they will not break due to cold and frost.

When buying pay attention to the quality

As in many other areas of life, when buying flowers, it is true that “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Therefore, when choosing suitable flowers, one should not necessarily resort to cheap offers from discount stores or hardware stores, but to high-quality seedlings from a specialist. So when buying, you should make sure that the plant already has a lot of buds, the pot is full of roots and the leaves and flowers are free of pests.

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Prepare flower box

Before you can put the newly acquired flowers, you need to prepare the flower boxes and troughs. Over the winter, dirt and frost has usually accumulated in the boxes. This should be removed before planting with a brush without the use of chemical detergents.

Water plants thoroughly before planting

Before the flowers and plants are placed in the flower box, it is still necessary to remove the plastic pot and water the plant. This is easily done in one step. Take the plant and immerse it in a trough full of water until no more air bubbles are visible. Then you can easily remove the plastic pot and the plant is also watered. To remove the pot, lightly knock the plant against the flower box. This will loosen the plastic trough from the soil. Tearing or jerky pulling should be avoided at all costs, as this can easily damage the roots of the plant.

Tear up matted roots

After the flower has been freed from the plastic trough, you can check the roots of the plant. If matted root balls are visible, it makes sense to loosen or tear them up a bit, so that the plant can root in better later.

The right place in the flower box

Basically, you should not plant too many flowers in a flower trough, because each plant needs enough space to develop well. It is important to remember that roots need a lot of space. Tall plants are best placed in the middle of the flower box, hanging plants preferably gives a place on the edge.

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Fill the flower box with soil

After placing the plants in the flower box, fill the box with new soil. It should be noted that there is not too much soil in the flower box, because a watering edge of about 2 centimeters should be left free to ensure drainage of water. If the water cannot drain away, the soil and roots of the plant will quickly begin to mold.

Watering balcony plants properly

Especially with balcony plants, it is of utmost importance to water them regularly and sufficiently. Especially in the early days, it is important to water the plants in the morning and evening. At noon, you should not water, because then they can not properly absorb the water.


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