How To Effectively Fight Whiteflies On Basil

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If a cloud of white flies rises from the basil at the slightest touch, the horror is great. To save the herb plant from destruction now, immediate countermeasures are necessary. How to get rid of the pests, read here.

Basilikum Fliegen

Whiteflies are closely related to scale insects, from which they are clearly distinguished visually by their floury white wings. Actually, the filigree, 1-2 mm small insects are pretty to look at. However, both the adult flies and their brood suck the life out of a basil. At temperatures of 23-25 degrees Celsius they develop the highest infestation pressure.

Defense measures in the bed and on the balcony.

How To Effectively Fight Whiteflies On Basil

Typical symptoms of infestation are yellow mottling on the leaves. In addition, the adult specimens excrete honeydew, which causes black sooty mold. To put an end to the nefarious goings-on, resorting to chemical-based systemic insecticides on basil is frowned upon. Use these organic remedies to combat whiteflies:

  • put up yellow sticky boards behind glass
  • in the greenhouse apply ichneumon wasps or predatory bugs Macrolophus caliginosus
  • in case of high infestation pressure use biological sprays, like Celaflor Schädlingsfrei Neem
  • work in neem seeds into the substrate

Preventive measures

Effectively protect basil in the bed and pot by tightly woven insect nets. As soon as temperatures rise above 20 degrees Celsius, the nets should be spread. In this way, the winged females will not find access to the plant. In addition, repellent planting partners have proven effective, such as marigolds and nasturtiums. Ecologically oriented hobby gardeners also advocate regularly sprinkling the bed soil with a decoction of oak leaves.

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Weakened basil is more vulnerable

The more vital a plant, the more resistant it proves to diseases and pests of all kinds. Your basil will be less at the mercy of whiteflies if the water and nutrient supply is right. Water the herb plant regularly once the substrate has dried out. As a heavy grower, mullein requires a weekly application of compost or a similar organic fertilizer from May through September.

Tips & Tricks
Do you know the most natural form of fly traps, completely without chemicals? With carnivorous plants, also called carnivores, you join next to a basil on the windowsill immediately a resolute trap. Butterwort or the Venus flytrap do not give the fluttering pests a chance.


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