Watering Potted Plants Correctly

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:34 pm

Watering Potted Plants Correctly

On the balcony and terrace pot garden is an integral part of the “green planning”. You can plant the pots individually and sometimes put here or there. A flexible solution for the whole gardening season. The only disadvantage is that in midsummer, when it gets really warm, you have to water the potted plants regularly and frequently. Now this is not witchcraft, but a few tricks may help you and make plant care easier.

Tip 1: Water the pots first

If the soil in the flower pot has become very dry, it will have difficulty absorbing water. If you water now, the water simply runs through without the soil being really well moistened. Therefore, first water only a little, so that the surface is moistened, and then a few minutes later water thoroughly. This only makes a little more work, but the moisture is retained better.

Tip 2: Water in the morning or evening

Watering Potted Plants Correctly

Actually quite logical: If you water in the greatest midday heat, the water evaporates again quite quickly. You often read that it is best to water plants in the early morning hours. This is also true for the garden, because the plants then absorb the water well and survive the following sunny hours. Besides, if you water in the bed in the evening, the moist soil is an invitation to the slugs! Of course, this does not apply to potted plants on the balcony, where there are no snails. Here you can water in the evening. The plants recover best after watering overnight.

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Tip 3: Moisten the soil, not the leaves

Plants absorb moisture mainly through their roots, and therefore you should always water directly on the soil. Also, water droplets on the leaves act like magnifying glasses that can burn the tissue. Flowers then often become blotchy and unsightly.


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