How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Garden In 6 Natural Repellents

Of course, ants are cute and harmless little animals (except when you have some in your legs!). The problem is that they have the annoying habit of moving in gangs.

As a result, we find ourselves invaded and the events overtake us quickly. Thus, we can find ourselves in two times three movements with a big invasion of ants in the garden and that already makes them more harmful. In this case, we can of course rely on commercial solutions based on chemical products.

However, this is more expensive and worse for the soil of the garden or vegetable garden than one of those good old natural grandmother solutions that never let us down!

So, if you want to look in your kitchen cupboards and in your plantations for the best repellents to rid your green spaces of these colonies of insects hidden in ant hills that can count between tens and millions of individuals, here is a useful little guide to get rid of ants.

1) White vinegar, the all-purpose product… even to drive ants out of the garden!

Ants hate white vinegar. So we can turn this hatred to our advantage by spraying it in all the places where they pass through to repel the ants. Indeed, a water-vinegar solution can be used as well in a balcony or a terrace as in the vegetable garden and on the green plants. By the way, you can use your bottle of vinegar for other useful uses for gardeners. Indeed, it drives away many pests and treats certain diseases like no other. Very effective as always!

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2) Garlic to send them a strong message: “run away!”


Quite often, garlic’s repellent properties are highlighted against many invasive animals or those that prey on plants. It can also scare away ants from the garden! To do this, you’ll need to take a few seconds to lightly crush it. Then, all you have to do is literally put it in the way of the ants. When they see this condiment blocking them, they will quickly go and hide somewhere else!

3) Lemon to save your trees and shrubs

Do you have a stunted old lemon in the back of the fridge? Good, ants hate this citrus fruit and even more when it starts to deteriorate seriously. For our part, we particularly like to use it around the trees of garden victims of these colonizers. Indeed, you just have to put a few slices in their favorite places and let it work. Of course, don’t hesitate to use it regularly until the invader is under control. No way!

4) Lavender, one of the most hated garden plants by ants

How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Garden In 6 Natural Repellents

Do you like its soothing little Provence smell? Wait until you see the effect it has on ants: you’ll love it even more! In fact, this beautiful purple or mauve shrub acts as a great repellent to garden ants. To use it, cut a few sprigs and scatter them in strategic areas. For example, put some on areas where they congregate and around ant hills. Also, you can bring along some herbs that you buy or grow in pots or in the garden. Here, replace the lavender sprigs with basil or mint leaves.

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5) Coffee grounds against garden ants

We continue with the cheap solutions with this dear coffee grounds whose usefulness is not to be proved anymore! Indeed, we can recover it in the filter (and even in the capsules of expresso) to fight this “plague”. This coffee grounds can be put in cups that will be placed not far from the ant farm. This will sound like a real wake-up call!

6) The best repellent spices to the rescue


Both cinnamon and cayenne pepper are always great additions to our dishes and desserts. What is less well known is that they are also spices that ants hate. In the garden, on the terrace or in the house, you can rely on them to fight these little beasts of the Formicidae family! So, if you’re short of school chalk to draw thick lines as a barrier, block them with these spicy powders.

N.B: Invasive ants are in your home and the colony is after food in the kitchen? For our family’s and pets’ environment, using a chemical insecticide to keep ants away and kill them is tricky. So consider essential oils for an effective effect against ants in the home! Alternatively, make a baking soda trap with honey as bait to stop the infestation. You can also sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the areas of passage. It’s poisonous to all the small unwanted insects.


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