Silverfish: 4 Natural Solutions Against These Insects

Although they are harmless to humans and animals, we never like to see silverfish (or silverfish) in our homes. However, invasions are frequent in our homes since they like heat and humidity, hence their presence in our bathrooms, toilets, cellars or kitchens.

However, their presence in the pantry is not hygienic. In addition, they are also fond of cellulose, hence the damage to wallpapers, documents, books or paintings. To face the invasion, here are the best natural tips.

1) Clean up your house to get rid of silverfish

To get rid of pests, attention to housekeeping is often a key element. First of all, start by vacuuming everywhere, focusing on the most infested rooms and their corners. This way, you will eliminate the dust or dirt that attracts them and their eggs. Then everything should be cleaned: floors, closets, shelves, worktops, back of toilets, cabinets, around appliances and sinks (and areas under sinks). Also, ensure that all rooms are well ventilated by opening windows and installing air vents and ventilation systems. This will purify the air and avoid the humidity stagnation they like so much.

2) Get the products that kill silverfish

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First of all, there is the bicarbonate that you probably have for cleaning and can mix with sugar. If not, there is also boric acid (in pharmacies) to mix with water, sugar and honey. These two little concoctions can be placed in bowls in places where you suspect nests to bait the silverfish and eliminate them. Another solution is to use flour, which is one of their favorite things! Here, you need to prepare an irresistible plaster based on water, flour and powdered sugar. As before, this preparation can be slipped into bowls to be placed in strategic places: places of passage, cracks, cupboards, under the sink, bottom of the bookcase, etc.

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3) Make an effective trap

With a cleaned glass jar or yogurt cup, you can prepare a trap for silverfish to jump into. To do this, line the outside of the container with rough-touch adhesive or plaster. This will allow the silverfish to climb in. Once in the pot or jar, they will not be able to get out as they will slide down the sides and eventually die in the trap. Remember to add one of the baits presented above to the bottom. This will make it easier for them to get trapped!

4) Protect your baseboards from silverfish

Baseboards are excellent hiding places for these insects and your action plan should not forget them! Generally, we recommend sprinkling diatomaceous earth in baseboards and cracks. In fact, there is no better way to eliminate the little beasts than this natural insecticide. It will dehydrate them and cause their death. Otherwise, simply think of the vegetable glue applied to the edges of baseboards to prevent their spread. Finally, essential oils of lavender, peppermint or lemon are a good preventive treatment. Spray these oils diluted on the affected areas!


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