How To Grow And Care For UFO Plant (Pilea)

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Ufo plant: growth and appearance

The pilea can grow 30 to 40 centimetres high. Originally, the leafy ornamental plant was found in the Chinese region, but today the pancake plant can also be seen in our country, especially due to the internet, it is becoming more and more popular. The large circular leaves are not only beautiful to look at, but also ensure a pleasant indoor climate thanks to their air-purifying properties.

How To Grow And Care For UFO Plant (Pilea)

The flowering period is from May to June. The cannon flower has white or green flowers in panicles, but these are rarely seen.

How To Grow And Care For UFO Plant (Pilea)

The plant owes its name cannonball to its stamens, which spread their pollen like an explosion. Another special feature of the pilea is its self-growing offshoots. The new young plant emerges at a short distance from the mother plant and forms new roots.
Location and substrate

The pilea likes it bright but not too sunny, as direct sunlight can cause leaf burn. Too little light bleaches the leaves until they fall off. To avoid crooked growth, turn the plant regularly. It likes to grow towards the light.

In summer, ufo plants prefer fresh air. You can therefore place the green plant in a semi-shady spot in the garden or on the balcony. The comfortable temperature is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. However, a higher room temperature will not harm it. If the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, you should bring the pilea indoors.

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Ufo plants do not have high demands on the substrate, it must be permeable. Conventional, humus-rich indoor plant soil is therefore sufficient. You can also mix the soil with sand to prevent waterlogging.

Care of the Pilea

The ufo plant is robust and easy to care for. The challenge in caring for the Pilea is watering. The plant does not tolerate too much or too little water. When the top layer of soil has dried out, you can water again. Avoid waterlogging and only water the soil of the houseplant.

Ufo plants need sufficient nutrients during their growth phase from March to September. Fertilise the plant every fortnight during this period with liquid green plant fertiliser or with fertiliser sticks.

Propagate Pilea

The Pilea can be easily propagated at any time. When the cutting has reached a stem of four centimetres, you can separate the young plant from the mother plant. Place the pilea cuttings in a shallow container.

Ufo plants also propagate by cuttings. Take cuttings from the houseplant that are also at least four centimetres long and have five leaves. Then place the cutting of the ufo plant in water or moist soil. The first roots will form after a few days. After rooting, plant the cutting of the Chinese money tree in fresh indoor plant soil. The young roots are still very sensitive, so be careful when potting.


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