How To Keep A Bouquet Of Flowers For A Long Time?

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For special occasions like Valentine’s Day, for a loved one’s birthday or Mother’s Day or even for no reason at all, just to please the recipient and show tenderness, a beautiful bouquet is always very pleasant. However, we do not know how to keep a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers for a long time.

Roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, peonies, eucalyptus, amaryllis, exotic flowers, etc. fade quickly and it is not always clear how to take care of them to preserve the freshness of the floral arrangement. No need to opt for artificial flowers! Here are some natural tips from our grandmothers, most often to be slipped into the water of the vase, which will allow you to keep your bouquet of flowers longer.

1) Sugar

How To Keep A Bouquet Of Flowers For A Long Time?

It’s simple and natural. A pinch of sugar will make your flowers last longer. After a week, your bouquet will still not have faded. This is a very effective way to preserve your most beautiful bouquets.

How To Keep A Bouquet Of Flowers For A Long Time?

2) Bleach

Effective, but dangerous, bleach also helps preserve your bouquet. It slows down the proliferation of bacteria to preserve the purity of fresh water. It is therefore necessary to use very little, i.e. 1 to 2 drops. It is a method that works, but be careful when using it!

3) Baking soda

This is a natural product that works for many everyday tasks. However, baking soda is also excellent for flower bouquets. A pinch in the water is enough to keep your flowers fresh for ten days.

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bicarbonate de soude

4) Flower bouquet preservative

There are special preservatives for flower bouquets. They are sold in garden centers. They are very effective products especially dedicated to the preservation of all cut flowers.

5) Put the bouquet of flowers in the refrigerator

Have you ever noticed that your florist’s shop is always cool? This is indeed good for the preservation of floral arrangements! The cold allows the plants to absorb water better and therefore to hydrate. They last longer. Putting them in the fridge during the night or while we are away is a very good idea for conservation.

frigo frigidaire réfrigérateur

6) Black charcoal

This is a rather special technique, but it works! You just have to pour a square of charcoal in the water and it will prevent the water from rotting. The water will therefore last longer, if we don’t have time to change it.

capsules tablets activated vegetable charcoal bloating gastric disorders

gélules comprimés charbon actif végétal ballonnements troubles gastriques

7) Scissors or pruning shears to cut the flower bouquet

Cutting the stems of your flowers at an angle of a few centimeters will allow the sap to circulate better. Just do it at an angle every day or so. Your flowers will last longer because of this.

How To Keep A Bouquet Of Flowers For A Long Time?


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