How To Plant Basil Seeds?

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Fresh basil from own cultivation trumps any purchased herb plant to the length. Thanks to the sowing of basil seeds, amateur gardeners have the growth under control from scratch. The following instructions explain the entire workflow in an understandable and practical way.

Basilikum Samen

The best date for sowing

The beginning of April opens the window for sowing seeds on the windowsill. The light conditions are sufficiently bright, so that seedlings do not rot. If basil seeds are sown too early, the plantlets will develop long horny shoots under the scanty daylight in a desperate search for every single ray of sunlight. Moreover, within 4-6 weeks they are perfectly mature for transplantation to the garden or balcony.

How To Plant Basil Seeds?

Instructions for sowing
The basil seeds obtained by your own hands or purchased are ideally soaked in chamomile tea for a few hours before sowing. This raises the germination mood and prevents mold. Then proceed as follows:

  • fill a seed tray or pot with growing soil, peat sand, perlite (21,00€ at Amazon*) or coconut fibers
  • moisten the substrate with a fine spray
  • sprinkle the seeds on it, to press them as light germinators only on
  • pull a foil over the seed pot or put a glass pane on it
  • wait for the cotyledons in a half-shaded window place at 20-25 degrees Celsius
  • keep the basil seeds constantly moist

If the tender cotyledons break out from the seeds, the cover has done its duty. Continue to keep the seeds slightly moist without causing waterlogging. At this stage, the plantlets must not come under full sunshine.

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How to properly prick basil seedlings.

From a growth height of 4-5 centimeters in the seed pot is crowded. It is high time to separate the seedlings. Since it will take some time before planting out in mid-May, prick out the seedlings into small pots. Here they will develop their own root system in the coming days and weeks. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Fill 9 cm pots halfway with pricking soil, peat growing medium or potting soil-sand mixture.
  • press a well into it with the pricking rod
  • lift one seedling out of the soil with the pricking stick or a spoon
  • place in the hollow and surround with substrate up to the lower pair of leaves
  • ideally, water the basil plantlets from the bottom, placing the pots in 2-3 centimeters high water
  • Until the regal herb moves to the open ground, care is limited to regular watering. From the beginning of May, it is beneficial to place the herb plants on the balcony or in a sunny garden spot during the day to harden them off. Until the ice saints have passed, the plants spend the nights in the protected environment of the house or conservatory.

Tips & Tricks
Did you know. The name basil (vasilikós) comes from the Greek and means ‘royal’ in translation. This is where the most common synonym ‘royal herb’ comes from. They are truly royal, the attributes with which the tropical herb plant captivates: a magnificent growth, juicy green leaves, a charming white flower and an incomparable aroma.


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