Sowing Basil On The Windowsill – This Is How It Works

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Growing basil by sowing on the windowsill, gives the tropical herb plant a beneficial growth advantage. Proper seeding sets the stage for a magnificent king herb and abundant harvest. The following instructions show how it works.

Basilikum säen

Choose the sowing date wisely.

With the brighter light conditions from the beginning of April, nature enters the ideal phase for sowing basil seeds. In the weeks before, the windowsill lacks brightness, blocking vital photosynthesis. The result is long, weak horny shoots with which the plants desperately search for sunlight.

Sowing Basil On The Windowsill - This Is How It Works

Another reason for choosing this time is that the small plants will be strong enough to move to the bed or balcony by mid-May.

Sowing basil correctly – step-by-step explanation
In order for the seeds of king weed to get going right from the start, they are soaked in chamomile tea for a few hours. Knowledgeable amateur gardeners thus put the seeds in the mood for germination and prevent harmful mold. In these steps you tackle the sowing:

  • Fill small seed pots or a tray with seed soil or an alternative, low-nutrient substrate.
  • moisten this soil with water from a spray bottle, but do not soak it.
  • sow the prepared seeds
  • as a light seedling, only press on and do not over-sow
  • place them in a heated greenhouse, cover with foil or glass
  • a warm and humid microclimate is beneficial for germination

At a constant temperature of 20-25 degrees on the half-shaded windowsill, you can look forward to the first cotyledons after 5-14 days. Any cover has now fulfilled its task. While the first true basil leaves are developing, water the seeds ideally from below. To do this, place the containers in a larger tray with a 2-3 cm water level.

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Direct sowing is not very advisable
Unlike a variety of other crops, direct sowing of basil seeds into the bed is associated with significant disadvantages. Even in mild wine-growing regions, the earliest date that can be considered is early June. Those who want to meet this challenge, proceed as follows:

  • In a sunny, warm location, deeply loosen the nutrient-rich soil.
  • weed, remove stones and roots to smooth the soil with a rake
  • sow the seeds in the distance of 20-25 cm
  • the distance between rows is 30-40 cm
  • press the sowing with a small board and do not cover it

Water the bed with a fine spray, so that the tender seeds do not float away immediately. A close-meshed net protects the sowing from pecking birds and voracious pests.

Tips & tricks
Life-threatening fungal spores or insect eggs can lurk in any substrate. This would be fatal for sensitive basil seeds. Disinfecting the growing soil is therefore highly recommended. Fill the soil into an ovenproof dish and place it in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes or in the microwave at 800 watts for 10 minutes.


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