How To Stop Birds From Building a Nest In An Outdoor Light Fixture

The delicate sound of birdsong is a welcome reminder that the beautiful weather has arrived. Birds make a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, which is why bird feeders and birdbaths are found adorning the neighborhood gardens of every variety. Unfortunately, birds can outlive their welcome. Outdoor light fixtures can make tempting little nesting places for our feathered friends, a source of frustration for even the most meticulous homeowners. Bird droppings are unsightly and unhealthy for the family property. To solve the problem, homeowners can implement bird deterrents, either store-bought or homemade, to keep birds from nesting in unwanted niches without harming our little chirping friends.

-Install visual deterrents for outdoor lighting fixtures. Shiny objects are unpleasant to birds and make your light fixture less attractive. Flash strips are available for purchase that can be attached to the top or inside of light fixtures. For a homemade alternative, use strips of aluminum foil.

-When lighting fixtures near old records or compact mirrors. The bright reflection that bounces off these items will lead birds away.

How To Stop Birds From Building a Nest In An Outdoor Light Fixture

-Mount bird spikes on the surface of light fixtures to keep birds from landing. Bird spikes can be purchased or created from cut aluminum cans.

-Mount manufactured bird deterrents on the surface of light fixtures. Bird repellent products often have clear threads that prevent a bird from landing without being clearly visible to the naked eye at a protruding distance. These products give homeowners the opportunity to keep birds away without disturbing the call of their homes.

-Add a decorative candle holder to the top of your fixture. By removing the availability of a flat surface, you make it impossible for birds to nest there.

-Wrap sinew around the entrances to light fixtures to keep birds from entering them. You can also use chicken wire for this purpose if you can’t find the birds at the net.

Create perceived predators by implementing the age-old scarecrow tactic. Erect a scarecrow, owl or other fake predator animal to keep the birds away. Move the object around the yard regularly and change its appearance often to prevent birds from catching it.

-Install wind chimes or rolls near your lights. The added noise and commotion will encourage birds to seek refuge elsewhere.

Tips and Warnings
Birds play an important role in maintaining a healthy environment. They should never be harmed. Humane bird deterrence is an appropriate and effective choice for removing birds from your property.


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