Is Slate A Good Mulch?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:30 pm

Very aesthetic, slate mulch knows how to enhance plants like no other. Ideal for creating a mineral landscape, it adorns the garden with its changing reflections.

Slate, a material with many qualities

Slate is a volcanic rock with an undeniable cachet. Resistant, non-rotting, very ornamental thanks to its varied color palette ranging from blue to black, passing through green and all shades of gray, slate in the form of flakes remains a material of choice to constitute a mulch. Like all mineral mulch, it is perennial and will remain in place for many years, preventing the growth of weeds and providing a cover for the soil which will be protected from leaching.

Is Slate A Good Mulch?

Resistant to climatic hazards, it does not fear rain, snow, frost or wind which will not carry it away as it could with a light vegetal mulch.

The sun does not fade it, and it will keep its charm for many years.

Applications of slate mulch

In dry gardens because it tends to retain heat well and release it even a few hours after sunset. This is why it is very popular in mineral gardens, at the feet of grasses, yuccas, cacti or succulents that it enhances while providing warmth.

Its iridescent reflections can be used in a Japanese garden, to represent a waterway in the most beautiful way. Contrasting with white stones and pebbles, this mulch allows to create mineral decorations that are both refined and highly sought after.

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Think of the color variations possible with slate that, once wet, becomes darker and starts to shine. The same is true under the sun’s rays, which reveal a thousand glittery dreams.

Slate mulch is also very popular in gardens where heathland plants such as camellias, rhododendrons or azaleas grow. It will be ideal as a ground cover in beds. Avoiding water evaporation, it keeps the soil moist for these mid-shade plants and does not modify the soil pH.

A grandma’s trick is to put crushed slate at the feet of hydrangeas to keep their bright blue color!

What is the price of slate mulch?

Don’t go on a small budget unless you get old slate to crush into mulch!

Knowing that to mulch a surface of one square meter you will need 20 liters of mulch for a thickness of only 2 cm, that the bag of 20 liters costs from 10 to 15 €, it is enough for you to make the calculation according to the surface which you wish to cover!


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