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Keeping Palm Trees Around The Pool

Planting the right palm tree around your pool
It is important to choose a palm tree that can adapt to the climatic conditions of your region. The Chinese palm (Trachycarpus fortunei), for example, can withstand very cold temperatures of up to -15°C.

Other palms such as Washingtonia or Phoenix can be planted in gardens in regions where the temperature does not drop below -7°C. However, beware of the Phoenix palm from the Canary Islands, which can be dangerous for children because of its prickly stems.

When it’s time to plant, the pool is just waiting for its palm tree
Once you have chosen the right palm tree, you need to find the right location. Since it does not develop branches, it is easy to determine the shade it will provide by anticipating the diameter of the palm crown.

The palm tree should always be planted between May and June so that it can benefit from a long period of warmth and light: this will allow it to resume its growth, to anchor itself properly in the soil and to acclimatize.

Ask your nurseryman for advice in order to carry out the planting operation in good conditions and in an optimal way. Finally, don’t forget that the palm tree will often need to be watered during the first year so that its roots grow.