Leaves On Roses Perforated And Pitted?

Leaves On Roses Perforated And Pitted?

When the leaves on roses have holes and are partially pitted, most often, leaf damage of this type occurs from May.

The larvae of very different genera of leaf wasps are responsible. The newly hatched larvae cause this typical damage with their feeding activity.

Normally, the occurring damage is small, so you can limit yourself with the control of the larvae to a collection by hand (if you can overcome yourself). Or you can leave this work to the hungry birds; they are grateful for the protein-rich food and feed their brood with it.

In case of very heavy infestation, i.e. when almost all leaves are gnawed and perforated (and really only then), we recommend Neudorff. The agent is harmless for other animals.

I also have leaf wasp larvae on my roses every year. They look like butterfly caterpillars. The young larvae first scrape the leaves, later they also eat holes in them. When the infestation gets too bad I spray the leaves with a soft soap solution. I would not use Spruzid, because it harms some beneficial insects. Besides leaf wasps, butterfly species are also leaf feeders, e.g. moths.

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