Which Cutting Height To Use On Your Lawn Mower?

Many lawn mowers today have a central cutting height adjustment, some devices must be adjusted separately on two or four wheels. Either way, it shouldn’t be a big problem to adjust the cutting height.

Which Cutting Height To Use On Your Lawn Mower?

Experts recommend a cutting height between 3.5 and 4.5 cm. We find: A concrete and generally applicable centimeter specification for the optimal lawn cut is difficult to recommend and in the end is also a matter of taste. If there is a lot of moss in the lawn, for example, the grasses should tend to stay longer.

How high to set the lawn mower for this must be tested out, because even the soil conditions make a difference. A heavy gasoline mower on soft ground must be set differently in height than a light electric lawn mower on hard ground. There are three lawns in our allotment. Two of them I mow at the medium height (means level 3 on our mower), on the third one I go up to level 4 because the soil and the lawn are different there. Otherwise, the grasses there would be too short.

It is better to mow the lawn more often

The depth of cut also depends on how high the lawn is before you cut it. You should ideally not cut more than a third or half of the existing blade length, otherwise the grass will be weakened. In practice, of course, this is hard to keep up unless you have a lot of time and mowing the lawn is your hobby. However, if you want to take good care of your lawn, you should really mow more often and shorten less of the length of the blades.

In the summer, you shouldn’t keep your lawn too short. Slightly longer blades of grass shade the ground and ensure that the soil does not dry out so quickly. The lawn itself also keeps better during long dry periods or periods of high heat if the grasses are a little longer.

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