Moving Your Garden to a New Property | Gardening Preparations for a House Move

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:20 pm

Moving your garden to a new property | Gardening preparations for a house move.

Byther Farm is a small organic homestead, designed and managed using permaculture practices. We aim for self-sufficiency in fruit and vegetables for increased self reliance and better resilience to the modern world. I recognise that we are unlikely to be truly self sufficient, but do the best we can. I share our home with my loving husband, Mr J and our cat, Monty. We are a fifty-something couple who live on a smallholding in Monmouthshire, Wales. We are going green and creating a gentler, cleaner and more healthy life for our family. There is a large organic kitchen garden with no dig gardening raised beds and young food forest in which to grown our fruit and vegetables. We keep chickens and Aylesbury ducks.


  • James Jones

    Moving Your Garden to a New Property | Gardening Preparations for a House Move

    Meet James Jones, a passionate gardening writer whose words bloom with the wisdom of an experienced horticulturist. With a deep-rooted love for all things green, James has dedicated his life to sharing the art and science of gardening with the world. James's words have found their way into countless publications, and his gardening insights have inspired a new generation of green thumbs. His commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship shines through in every article he crafts. Jones James
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