Nasturtium: Soak seeds before sowing?

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To optimize the sowing of nasturtium, many gardeners ask themselves the question of whether the seeds should be soaked in advance. All the information about this you will find in this article.

  • Soak seeds shortens the germination period
  • more seeds germinate successfully
  • tap water can be used for soaking

Soak seeds useful?

Nasturtium (Tropaeolum) is a genus that forms hard and large seeds. This makes germination difficult if you sow the seeds dry. Soaking helps with this problem and noticeably speeds up the process. When soaking, the seed soaks up water, which starts germination faster. The regular germination period of two to three weeks can be shortened by a few days if the seeds have had a chance to soak beforehand. In addition, seeds germinate more reliably if they are soaked. Dry seeds sometimes have a bit of a problem starting the germination process.

Utensils for soaking

Nasturtium: Soak seeds before sowing?

In order for nasturtium seed soaking to work, you need the right utensils. These make the process easier and ensure that the seeds are soaked effectively. The following list gives you an overview of the utensils you will need:

  • Bowl
  • water
  • close-meshed sieve

You don’t have to worry about calciferous water, as the nasturtium is lime-tolerant. Tap water is therefore perfectly sufficient for soaking the seeds.

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Tip: However, instead of water, you can also use chamomile tea for soaking. The ingredients in the tea soften the seed coat more effectively and quickly.

Soak seeds: Instructions

Once you have all the necessary utensils at hand, you can start soaking the nasturtium seeds. Since the process does not take long, you can schedule it for the same day as the actual sowing. Follow these instructions to properly soak the seeds:

  • Fill the bowl with water
  • use lukewarm water only
  • Place seeds in water
  • soaking time: 6 to 12 hours
  • soaked seeds collect at the bottom
  • finally strain
  • ideally sow immediately
Nasturtium: Soak seeds before sowing?

Note: It does not matter whether you sow the seeds in the bed after soaking or preplant them in a container. Both variants are possible.

Frequently asked questions

When to sow seeds?

The time to sow depends on whether you want to preplant the plants. If you decide to grow them indoors, you can sow them in containers as early as the beginning of February. As soon as the icemen have survived, the seedlings can be planted out. For direct sowing outdoors, choose a day around mid-April. Ideally, the ground will no longer be frozen.

Is the nasturtium a dark or light seedling?

If you sow Tropaeolum seeds after soaking, they must be deep enough in the soil. The seeds should be sown two to three inches deep so that as little light as possible reaches the seeds.

Do the seeds need to be sorted after soaking?


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