Seeds Of Cyclamen: Growing And Sowing

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After the flowers of cyclamen say goodbye between February and March, the fruits form with the seeds they contain. But what do the seeds look like, when do they ripen and how are they sown?

Alpenveilchen säen

Seed ripening time
Between June and July the seeds are ripe. During the ripening period, the appearance of the perennial leaves more and more to be desired. It goes towards its summer dormancy.

Seeds Of Cyclamen: Growing And Sowing

External characteristics of the seeds
The seeds are tiny. They are in brown and flattened capsules. They have a brown-red color and appear jelly-like due to their slightly translucent surface. Their shape can vary greatly between oval, ovoid to roundish or angular.

Self-seeding is no stranger
Cyclamen likes to propagate by self-seeding. Some species have stems that bend downward toward the soil after the fruits have ripened. There they are partially ‘drilled’ into the soil. The seeds are sown by the plant itself.

Otherwise, the ripe fruits open and the seeds they contain fall out. As a rule, abundant seeds are present when cyclamen is outside in the garden and pollinated by insects. An advantage, but also a disadvantage, can be that the plants that emerge from the seeds have different characteristics than the mother plant.

Use the seeds at home for propagation
Immediately after ripening between June and July, you should sow the seeds. Then they are at their best germinating. But be careful: before sowing, you should let the seeds dry up. They have a mucilaginous coating, which breaks by drying. This facilitates the subsequent germination process.

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Here’s how to proceed:

Soak seeds for 24 h
Fill sowing tray or pot with soil
Sow seeds 0.5 cm deep (cover with soil, as dark germinators)
keep moist (no cover necessary)
ideal germination temperature: 15 to 20 °C
germination time: 3 weeks to 2 months
later place in a bright and warm place, e.g. in a north window
protect outside in the first winter
Tips & Tricks
If you want your cyclamen to self-seed, do not pluck or even remove the wilted flowers after flowering.


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