Office Plants: These Plants Are Best Suited


Office plants should be easy to care for and long-lasting – while also looking as beautiful as possible. Some plants are better suited for this than others: Here you can get to know three of them.

Many people spend a large part of their time at work, which is why a feel-good atmosphere is also very important in the office. Plants make a significant contribution to this and beautify any room, no matter how bare it may be.

But especially during work there is not much time for daily plant care, so the office plants should be well chosen. The following three plants are ideal for the workplace and also contribute to a good indoor climate.

Low-maintenance office plant: the ivy plant

Office Plants: These Plants Are Best Suited

The ivy originates from tropical and subtropical areas and is popular in this country as a houseplant. It is extremely easy to care for and does not have many requirements – yet it grows like a world champion. In the office, you can also plant the climbing plant hanging in a hanging basket.

The most important facts about ivy:

Wächst und gedeiht von ganz allein: Die Efeutute.
  • The ivy is happy with a bright to semi-shaded location. It does not need direct sunlight, so it can also be used in dark offices.
  • You hardly need to fertilize it, but you should give it a sip of water regularly. It also likes to be sprayed with a little stale water from time to time.

Note: The shoots of the ivy can grow several meters long if it is well cared for and has enough space to grow.
By the way, ivy belongs to the group of air-purifying plants. It filters pollutants such as solvents and cleaning agents from the air and thus ensures a healthy indoor climate.

Green eye-catcher: the dieffenbachia

Ideale Büropflanze: Die Dieffenbachie reinigt die Luft im Büro.

Even though you may not have heard the name Dieffenbachia, you’ve probably seen the plant itself before. Its leaves are strikingly patterned, making it a real ornament in the office. With its large leaves, the dieffenbachia also provides fresh air in the workplace.

Like the ivy, the dieffenbachia is also very easy to care for:

It should be placed in a light to partial shade location.
Water it regularly, but not excessively. It will forgive short dry spells, and in winter you should always allow the top layer of substrate to dry out before watering again.
The Dieffenbachia likes high humidity: spray it with room-warm water from time to time.
In the office it should be between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. The pretty plant does not tolerate temperatures below 15 degrees.

Plant air purifier: The bow hemp

The bow hemp is probably more often found in offices and public buildings than any other plant. The indoor plant is hard to get dead and, moreover, is back in full fashion. In addition, it performs real feats when it comes to filtering pollutants (especially CO2) from the air.

Bogenhanf ist in vielen Büros zu finden.

Here’s how you should care for bow hemp:

  • The plant stores a lot of water in its thick, large leaves. Therefore, you need to water it very rarely and sparingly. A shot glass full of water every two weeks is sufficient for the plant – in winter it can even tolerate dry periods of up to eight weeks. By the way, most bow hemp plants die from overwatering.
  • Due to their natural origin, succulents like the bow hemp require little to no fertilizer. Over the summer, you can still feed the plant a bit of stale black tea every two to four weeks. Simply mix it into the water.
  • The bow hemp tolerates both sun and shade. Just make sure that it gets a little light.
  • The temperature in the office should be at least 15 degrees Celsius.


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