Seagull In The Garden: Use Garlic And Cayenne Pepper

Seagulls in the garden make noise and can even get really cheeky. But fortunately there are some home remedies to drive away the curious birds.

They scream, attack beloved flowers and shrubs, and often breed on roofs: Seagulls are with many after pigeons, ravens and crows on the unpopularity scale at the top. But with a few little tricks, the cute bird will find a new home.

Seagull in the garden: Scare them away with garlic and cayenne pepper

In particular, garden owners who live near a lake or the coast can sing a song about the animals, which belong to the family of new pine birds, which also includes the pretty mandarin duck.

When seagulls have chosen roofs as their substitute habitat, many are not only annoyed, but fear of disease transmission also rises in humans. In addition, the white to light gray feathered creature leaves unsightly droppings on roofs or lawns.

Seagull in the garden: How to get rid of the bird

However, as reported by the European Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), the transmission of diseases such as salmonella can simply be avoided by simple hygiene such as washing your hands as you normally would. Nevertheless, you can do a few things to keep seagulls away:

  • Install pigeon spikes on the roof in the affected areas. These spikes are easy to attach to the roof and/or gutters so the birds can’t settle. In addition, the spikes will prevent nesting while still legally allowed and will not harm the birds.
  • Like other birds, gulls do not like loud noises and lights. Lasers, noise and hanging CDs are thus helpful.
  • A homemade garlic spray also works wonders: mix a few drops of garlic oil with water and spray it on the affected areas. Depending on the weather, you may need to repeat this a few times. Venice, a city particularly plagued by seagulls in 2022, uses water guns filled with garlic water to repel seagulls. Add some cayenne pepper and the spray is even more effective. However, be careful not to spray the animal directly.
  • Attach kites to your roof. Seagulls will think the toy is a large bird moving in the wind and will not settle on it.
  • Avoid leaving food and food scraps in your yard. Clean up trash directly, as crumbs or other supposed treats attract not only gulls, but other unwelcome guests such as raccoons.
  • In all your attempts to scare them away, be careful not to injure or harm them, as gulls, and especially herring gulls, are one of the species protected by the Federal Nature Conservation Act.
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Using garlic and cayenne pepper can be an effective and natural way to deter seagulls from your garden. These ingredients create a strong odor and taste that seagulls find unpleasant, which can help keep them away from your plants and garden area. Here’s how you can use garlic and cayenne pepper to deter seagulls:

Materials Needed:

  1. Garlic cloves or garlic powder
  2. Cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes
  3. Water
  4. Spray bottle
  5. Protective gear (gloves and mask)


  1. Prepare the Garlic Solution:
    • You can use either garlic cloves or garlic powder. If using cloves, crush a few cloves and mix them with water in a blender to create a garlic paste. If using garlic powder, you can skip this step.
  2. Prepare the Cayenne Pepper Solution:
    • In a separate container, mix cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes with water. This will create a cayenne pepper spray.
  3. Safety First:
    • Before working with cayenne pepper and garlic, wear protective gloves and, if using a blender for the garlic, consider wearing a mask to avoid inhaling strong odors.
  4. Spray Your Garden:
    • Fill a spray bottle with the garlic solution and another with the cayenne pepper solution.
    • Spray the garlic solution directly on the plants and areas where seagulls tend to congregate. You can also spray the cayenne pepper solution. Be careful not to spray it directly on the plants, as it may harm them.
    • Reapply the solutions after rainfall or as needed to maintain their effectiveness.

Additional Tips:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Reapplication is essential to keep seagulls away, as rain and time can diminish the effectiveness of the solutions.
  2. Combine with Other Methods: Using garlic and cayenne pepper is more effective when combined with other seagull deterrent methods. Consider using visual deterrents like reflective objects, scarecrows, or noise-making devices to enhance the effectiveness of the garlic and cayenne pepper.
  3. Keep Garden Clean: Seagulls are often attracted to food scraps and other potential food sources. Ensure your garden area is clean and free of any food remains that might attract seagulls.
  4. Adjust Placement: Concentrate the spray in areas where seagulls are most problematic, such as around plants they tend to target.
  5. Test in a Small Area: Before applying these solutions to your entire garden, it’s a good idea to test them in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure they do not harm your plants.
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Using garlic and cayenne pepper as a natural seagull deterrent is a humane and eco-friendly method. The strong odor and taste will make your garden less appealing to these birds, helping to protect your plants from their unwanted attention.


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