Planting Peppermint In The Right Place

Choice of location and soil conditions play a very important role in the care of peppermint. The place should be neither too dark nor too sunny, because the aroma of peppermint develops only in optimal conditions. The soil must be loose and rich in nutrients.

Pfefferminze Standort

The right location

  • Bright
  • Partial shade
  • Little blazing sun
  • Not too cold
  • Protected from the wind
  • The optimal location for peppermint is so that the plant is very bright, but direct sunlight is avoided.

The essential oils of peppermint form properly only when the soil is warm but not overheated. Excessive heat, such as that produced by direct sun, will burn the oil. If the soil is too cool, for example, due to a windy location, the oil can develop insufficiently.

The right soil condition
Peppermint will grow in almost any soil as long as it provides enough nutrients and is not too moist. You should improve a depleted site with compost before sowing or planting. Otherwise, you should occasionally add some organic fertilizer.

Peppermint does not tolerate waterlogging at all. Therefore, the soil must be permeable to water. Solid clay soils are not suitable for peppermint. Sometimes it helps to loosen heavy, compacted soil by adding sand.

Location on the balcony
If you grow your peppermint in a pot on the balcony, place the pot in partial shade and protected from the wind. Again, make sure the soil does not heat up too much from direct sunlight.

Tips & Tricks
Peppermint does not like to be too close together. Keep enough distance from other plants. This allows the air to circulate better and the formation of mildew or pest infestation is decisively reduced.

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