How To Grow Peppermint In A Pot On The Balcony And Terrace

Even if you do not have your own garden, you can harvest homegrown peppermint. The aromatic herb also grows well in a pot on the balcony and terrace – and even for several years. Tips for the care of peppermint in a pot.

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  • What you need for growing in pots
  • Larger pot or balcony box
  • Sufficiently large drainage holes
  • Nutritious planting soil
  • Bright, semi-shaded location
  • The right planter

The planter should not be too small, as peppermint likes to spread. The larger the container, the longer you can keep the herb in it.

Peppermint does not tolerate waterlogging. Make sure that the planter has sufficiently large drainage holes, so that the watering water can drain.

The material of the container does not matter much. You can plant peppermint in a clay pot or plastic pot.

Fill in good planting soil

Peppermint likes loose, nutritious and well-drained soil. Fill in good potting soil.

Water the peppermint regularly, but prevent the water from accumulating in the box. The roots will then rot and mildew will form on the leaves.

The longer the soil is in the pot, the more often you need to fertilize. Use only organic fertilizers such as nettle manure or horn shavings. In the spring, you should also replace some of the soil so that the peppermint gets enough nutrients.

Peppermint likes it bright but not sunny

As in the garden, peppermint does not tolerate direct sunlight. When kept in a pot, a semi-shaded location is even more important, as the soil heats up much faster here. As a result, the essential oil burns and the leaves have little flavor.

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Provide wind protection. Constant drafts will cool the pot and the plant will produce less essential oil.

Peppermint is hardy, but winter protection is advisable when caring for it in a pot. Place the pot on an insulating base, wrap it with insulating material and cover the plant with some foliage or pine branches.

Tips & Tricks
Peppermint tends to spread a lot in the garden. Simply plant it in a pot without soil and sink it in the desired location. Peppermint will thrive in this without its runners spreading throughout the garden.


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