With These Tips You Plant Peppermint Correctly

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Peppermint is a seasoning herb that should not be missing in any garden. Planting it is quite simple. Once the plant has settled in the garden, it reliably sprouts new shoots year after year. Thus, the cultivation in the garden is guaranteed to work.

Pfefferminze pflanzen

What location peppermint prefers?

  • Bright or semi-shaded location
  • No direct sunlight
  • Loose soil
  • No waterlogging

Can peppermint be grown on the balcony?

With These Tips You Plant Peppermint Correctly

Peppermint can easily be grown in a pot on the balcony or terrace. Find a semi-shaded spot and make sure the plant is somewhat protected from the wind.

The planter should have large drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.

What kind of soil does peppermint thrive in?

Peppermint grows particularly well in nutritious soil. Work in some mature compost before sowing, then you won’t need to fertilize later. You can loosen soil that is too dense with a little sand. It is important that watering and rainwater do not accumulate.

How to sow peppermint?

Peppermint can be sown outdoors from May onwards. You can scatter the seeds in a wide cube or sow them in rows.

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Peppermint is a light germinator, the seed should not be covered with soil.

Can peppermint be grown in advance?

Peppermint can be grown indoors on the windowsill from February onwards. Peppermint should not be planted outdoors before mid-May.

When is the best time to plant?

Peppermint is best planted out starting in mid-May. You can put the plants in the ground until fall.

At what spacing is peppermint planted?

Peppermint should not be too close together to prevent the spread of powdery mildew. A distance of 50 centimeters from other plants is sufficient.

When is the flowering period?

The flowering period begins in June and continues into August.

When does the harvest begin?

You may harvest peppermint throughout. Pick off the desired amount of leaves as needed. Herb that you want to dry or freeze should be cut just before flowering just above the ground, because the plant is most aromatic then. After very sunny summers, you can harvest peppermint a second time in the fall.

How to propagate peppermint?

  • Seeds
  • Head cuttings
  • Runners
  • Sharing

With which plants does peppermint get along?

Suitable as mixed crops are tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce and potatoes. You should not grow other labiates in the vicinity.

Tips & Tricks
Peppermint tends to form many runners. To prevent the aromatic herb from spreading uncontrollably, you should put a root barrier in place before sowing or planting


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