Plants For The Bathroom: These Are Suitable

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Plants in the bathroom are ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere. The following plants are particularly suitable for the warm and humid climate in the bathroom.

Pflanze fürs Badezimmer

Plants for a good bathroom climate

Plants for the home are ideal for increasing indoor climate and well-being. You don’t have to do without these green companions in your bathroom either. With the right plants for the bathroom, you can create a place of relaxation.

Plants For The Bathroom: These Are Suitable

Particularly practical: regular showers mean that the humidity and temperature in the bathroom are higher than in the other rooms. A climate that is almost ideal for numerous tropical houseplants.

To create your own personal bathroom oasis, you should definitely consider the light conditions in your bathroom. There are plants that need a lot of light and others that can easily cope in rooms with little light. We’ll introduce you to the best candidates.

Plants for bathrooms with lots of daylight

If you have a bathroom with lots of natural light, you have a lot of choices when looking for a suitable plant.

Cyprus Grass

If your bathroom is rather small or you like it minimalistic and classy, Cyprus grass (Cyperus) is suitable. The plant originates from the tropics and reminds optically of reeds.

Cyprus grass likes light and is extremely heat-loving: it can easily tolerate temperatures of up to 30 degrees.
Humidity cannot be high enough for the plant.
Besides sufficient light, water is the most important thing for Cyprus grass, so you should water it regularly and generously. It does not mind wetness either.
The slender grass is wonderfully suited for a bright place on the windowsill of your bathroom. However, be careful not to place it in the direct vicinity of a heater, as it is in danger of drying out there.

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Monstera deliciosa is also called window leaf, it is uncomplicated and needs a lot of warmth in addition to sufficient light.

Monstera deliciosa feels most comfortable at temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees.
It can become very spreading with good care.
Its tropical leaves have diameters of up to 80 centimeters. Monsteras are therefore well suited for a spacious bathroom and do well in a large pot next to the bathtub, for example.

Plants for bathrooms with little light

tropisches Einblatt

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a bathroom flooded with daylight. Especially in apartments, bathrooms often have only small windows. Some even have none at all. But don’t worry: even in a bathroom with little daylight, green co-inhabitants can be cultivated.

Many ferns feel at home in bathrooms with little daylight.

Ferns, like many other shade-loving plants, grow in the undergrowth of forests and are thus naturally adapted to hardly any direct light.
At the same time, they like moisture and absorb it through the water vapor in the air.

For your bathroom, for example, the staghorn fern (Platycerium bifurcatum) or the sword fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) are suitable.
Staghorn fern is also well suited for small bathrooms – the unusual plant can be attached to the wall in a sufficiently large suspension. Thanks to the whimsical leaf shapes, it resembles a small art object when draped this way.


The monocot (Spatiphyllum wallisii) comes from the tropical regions of South America, where it grows in the shade of large trees.

A monocot is therefore well suited to a low-light location with high humidity.
The plant with the shimmering white flowers has more than 50 subspecies and is very uncomplicated as a houseplant.
Important: You should water the plant regularly. Continuous moisture in the root ball of the monocot is important, but waterlogging should be avoided at all costs.
Nice extra: The leaves of the tropical houseplant absorb formaldehyde to a high degree and are therefore particularly efficient air purifiers.
Caution: Leaves and flowers of the monocot are poisonous. You should therefore keep your plant in the bathroom out of reach of children and pets.

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Green Lily

Another very uncomplicated plant for the bathroom is the green lily (Chlorophytum elatum).

This undemanding plant is very adaptable to light conditions and grows without problems even in dark rooms.
However, it often loses its striped leaf pattern.
The plant usually also tolerates temperature fluctuations well.
Regular watering is also important for the green lily, but it also forgives short dry periods.
Green lilies are also known by the unflattering name “civil servant grass”, as they are often found in offices.
However, this popular plant should not be underestimated: similar to monocots, green lilies are good air purifiers. In a study initiated by NASA in 1989, this property could be proven with figures: Here, a deliberately increased formaldehyde content in closed rooms was reduced by the plant by around 90 percent within just 24 hours, as published in its journal by the European Federal Ministry of Education and Research, among others.

Aspidistra elatior

A pretty plant for darker bathrooms is the palm (Aspidistra elatior).

This palm, which grows slenderly in height, is well suited for nooks and crannies in the bathroom, but it also looks nice on a shelf.
It originates from the forests of China and is therefore well adapted to dark light conditions.
Regular watering and high humidity are also prerequisites for it. Waterlogging is not well tolerated by the cobbler palm.
To prevent waterlogging in the pot, you can add a layer of expanded clay several centimeters thick to the bottom of the pot before planting. This absorbs moisture well and the roots of the plant are not in the water.

Tips for the design of plants in the bathroom

Pflanzen am Fensterbrett

Depending on the size and layout of your bathroom, there are different design options for your plants.

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In a bathroom with a window, the windowsill is ideal as a location for plant pots. If you have direct sunlight, just make sure you place the right plants by the window. Not all species like direct sunlight.

If you have a bathtub with a wide rim, it looks especially nice to place plants of different sizes around the bathtub. After a cold winter day, you can enjoy some time out in the bathtub surrounded by tropical plants.

If you have a rather small bathroom with little storage, simply place your plants in the air! Hanging baskets (e.g. from** Avocadostore) are great for hanging plants of different sizes from the ceiling or shelves. This way, you can add green accents to a small space just as you like. Special wall mounts and wall vases also give you the opportunity to arrange smaller plants above the height of your bathroom.


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