The Best Place For Basil In A Pot

The Best Place For Basil In A Pot

Basil is often cultivated in pots to be able to harvest fresh leaves all year round. Unfortunately, the plant usually dies very quickly. One possible reason for this is an incorrectly chosen location. What it depends on this for successful cultivation, we reveal here.


Basil, with scientific name Ocimum, requires a bright location. In summer, it should have at least six hours of sunlight. Therefore, near the window and a position facing south, if possible, are crucial for successful cultivation in a pot.

Warmth and draught

The herb plant should be given a warm but not a heat-accumulating location and should not be exposed to cold drafts. Draughty windowsills are therefore just as unsuitable as the south wall, which reflects heat strongly.

A well-ventilated but still warm location is important. Basil plants should not be too close to other plants or heat-reflecting walls. You can test for drafts on windowsills by holding a light cloth, a lit candle or a moistened hand directly in front of the window. If the cloth moves, the flame flickers or the hand gets cold, there is a draught at this point.

Plant proximity

Basil does not “get along” with all plants. Therefore, even if it is cultivated in a pot in the apartment, attention should be paid to the plant neighbors in the immediate vicinity. Unsuitable plants include:

  • Savory
  • Dill
  • Chervil
  • Marjoram
  • Thyme

Rosemary, cucumbers and tomatoes, on the other hand, make good plant neighbors for basil and can be placed right next to it even on a rather small balcony or in a smaller space. However, due to the different requirements for care, you should not put the plants in the same plant pot or tub.

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