The Right Pond Plants For Your Garden Pond

The Right Pond Plants For Your Garden Pond

As soon as the gardening season really gets going in spring with mild temperatures, the garden pond is naturally an issue. After the winter, the pond is not only generally spruced up, but above all can be replanted. Here are personal favorites among the pond plants:

  • The water lily: they come in all sizes and colors and can be purchased at any retailer. The Nymphaea is the queen among the pond plants, in total there are about 50 subgenera, so you are really spoiled for choice.
  • Water buttercup: The common water buttercup is a floating plant that blooms white – from April to September! So you can enjoy it extensively.
  • Marsh iris: a beautiful plant for the edge of the pond. The marsh iris can grow up to 2 meters high and blooms in fresh yellow, unfortunately only for about 2 months.
  • Frogweed: The frogweed is visually a good alternative to the water crowfoot. It also blooms white and is somewhat reminiscent of small water lilies.

Another tip from the experience of recent years: reed and cane plants are also very suitable for a garden pond. However, consider to what extent and in what place you plant them. Reed plants spread quickly and then also take up larger areas at the pond. Without regular thinning, shallow areas of the pond risk silting up. In addition, some reed species grow very tall – possibly obscuring the view of your water body and its flowering pond plants. In general, regular pruning of plants around the pond is recommended to preserve the water surface and keep it from shrinking.

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