Can You Root A Rose From A Cut Rose?

Propagate roses by cuttings – this is how!

Propagating roses does not have to be difficult. Especially if you have a beautiful rose variety in your garden, it is obvious to grow more rose plants from an existing rose. However, it should be borne in mind that many roses have been grafted, or are grafted on a

The following rose varieties are suitable for cuttings propagation:
Ground cover; certain noble roses, shrub roses and wild roses; climbing and dwarf roses.

How is it done?

  • The best time to cut the cuttings is in July/August.
  • To do this, cut a branch of this year without buds, that is, a middle piece of 20 cm in length. It is advantageous if this is cut close to the leaf base at the bottom and about 1 cm above the leaf base at the top.
  • Remove all pairs of leaves except the top one (to avoid mold).
  • The cuttings in rooting powder (Wurzelfix, etc., these means are called in the trade. Often available at nurseries, hardware stores, garden supply stores, etc. ) and plant deep in a tall pot with sandy soil.
  • Place the cuttings in a semi-shaded area and water regularly and.
  • They can also be covered with a transparent protection (film, translucent cover) to create a “tense climate” (humidity, constant heat). In this case, however, the cuttings should not have contact with the cover to avoid condensation running down the sensitive cuttings (risk of rot!).
  • Overwinter the pots in a protected place.
  • In the coming year, most cuttings will have formed roots and will now sprout again.
  • In the fall, the rose cuttings can be planted in a prepared garden bed.
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