Top Tips On Gardening For Little Money

Anyone who buys a garden, knows that it is always associated with a lot of work. As a rule, the cost of gardening is also very high. Because not only the garden tools are very expensive to buy, but also the plants and their care. With a few tips and small budget you can create your own garden paradise.

Acquire good garden tools

To get started with your garden, you need decent garden tools. The purchase of good garden tools is indispensable. The purchase is really not cheap at the first moment, but it will be worthwhile to take some money in hand. After all, your tools should last a few years and not be abandoned after the first season. To ensure that you can continue to work with your gardening tools, you should clean them in the fall, oil them and store them in a dry place.

Grow your own vegetables

With this year’s inflation, it’s wise to get your own vegetable patch. It not only helps your wallet, but is always there in your own garden. There is no we don’t have, we won’t get for a few days. Simple vegetables to grow are cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, squash, peppers you do not have a garden, but only a balcony, so you can plant this on the balcony.

Avoid buying the wrong plants

You should think in advance what plants to plant where. Because especially with a small budget, it makes sense not to rely on annual plants.

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Getting new plants at a reasonable price

Perennial plants always sprout and form new cuttings. The offshoots should be used to replant them. So do not cut them off and dispose of them. If you have no more space in your garden, ask your neighbors if they would like to have a cutting. That way, everyone might get something out of it. If you don’t want a full-grown plant because it’s too expensive, you can buy it as a seed. It will take time to grow nice and big, but if you have time and patience, this may be a small way to save money.

Calculate the timing of the plant purchase

Sometimes it really makes sense to wait for the end of each plant season. Faded plants or plants that are no longer quite as beautiful are just offered in the hardware store on remnant ramp. So you might have the chance to get some very special plants that would cost a lot of money in a normal sale.

Recycling & Upcycling

For gardening or planting, you can use various things that originally had a completely different function. For example, you can use a watering can as a flower pot. From old yogurt cups you can use transitional flower pots to grow plants. Old dishes also make wonderful decorative flower pots.

Get free soil

Sometimes it’s a good idea to check out the eBay classifieds. Many who dig up their garden have too much soil and don’t know where to put it. Sometimes you get lucky and the soil is given away.

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Compost instead of buying fertilizer

Having your own compost in the garden is a blessing for many. This is because old soil that has been planted is fed again with valuable nutrients. The organic waste garbage can is almost always empty, some pests like slugs and ants stay away. You should be careful what you put in your compost. For example, it makes sense to put eggshells in it for good soil. Banana peels are great for roses. Dried coffee grounds will give your oleander great growth. If you have cooked vegetables, save the water and add it to the compost.


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