10 Vegetables To Grow Endlessly At Home

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At a time when people are becoming more aware of the need to avoid wasting as much as possible, a few simple and fun gestures will allow you to obtain “homemade” products that will delight your taste buds and those of your children and improve your daily life. Food waste, a source of waste and unnecessary expenses, is also an easy pole on which to act every day to make savings.

Don’t throw your leftover vegetables and herbs in the garbage! In pots, in a window box or in the ground, did you know that some fruits and vegetables can indeed grow forever? Friends gardeners, here are the “food waste” easy to grow that you will love to sow!

1 Potatoes and sweet potatoes

10 Vegetables To Grow Endlessly At Home

Cut a potato into relatively large pieces. Place two toothpicks on each end of the piece and then place it in a glass of water (the toothpicks will keep part of the piece in the water and part out in the open). The roots will then grow into the water and the leaves on top. You can then simply transfer the piece to the soil in your garden.

Good to know: Repeating this process too much can cause them to lose some flavor over time. However, they will always remain edible. Smart gardener’s tip: you can also plant the sprouted potato peels in your small vegetable garden.

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2 Basil


If you keep the top part of the basil and soak it in water, the roots will start growing where you cut the plant. After a good week, you will have to place your aromatic plant in potting soil (window boxes or in the ground), in a sunny place to revive the branch that you would have surely thrown away. You will then have beautiful fresh leaves to perfume your salad of crudeness full of freshness of the midday!

3 Mushrooms

To regrow a mushroom, remove its cap and place the stem in a mixture of soil and compost, leaving a small portion outside. Note that regrowing a mushroom can be complicated. It is important to maintain a cool, moist environment without too much light. If you want to pick a lot of mushrooms, be careful to avoid full sunlight for your mushroom plantations!

4 Onions and green onions

Cut off the root part to leave only one or two centimeters of the bulb. Plant the rest of the onion root side down in soil while watering generously. You can also sprout green onions cut 10 cm from the roots in a large glass of water in a sunny spot. Let it germinate well before planting.

5 Garlic

10 Vegetables To Grow Endlessly At Home

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It’s really easy to grow garlic! Plant leftover garlic cloves in soil with good sun exposure, roots pointing down. After watering them once a week, a shoot will appear. Simply cut it off to allow the bulb to grow. Then be patient, because it will take several months before it reaches maturity. To accelerate the process, put some pods in a glass with a little water with the pointed part up. Then after the sprouts appear, you can plant these bulbs.

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6 Leek

To regrow a leek, simply put the leek tips in a glass of water to feed the roots. After changing the water and rinsing the roots once a week, wait until the leek is big enough to harvest it.

7 Celery

10 Vegetables To Grow Endlessly At Home

Place the celery core in a bowl with a little water in a sunny spot. Wait and enjoy! It’s that simple, which is why it’s one of the easiest vegetables to grow over and over again.

8 Romaine lettuce

Save the core of your lettuce and place it in a bowl with water. Change the water regularly and the lettuce will start to grow small shoots that will end up in a beautiful and succulent salad.

9 Fennel

Keep the core of the bulb and place it in a little water by a window. The fennel will grow back very quickly. Gardening has never been so easy!

10 Pineapple

Sure, it’s not a vegetable… but it’s impossible not to mention it! You’ll have to be patient to grow a pineapple back, but you should know that it is possible. You just have to cut the leaves and soak the pineapple in water. Then, once the roots start to grow, you plant it in the ground and wait about three years before you get a brand new pineapple!


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