Profitability Of A Vegetable Garden

Creating a vegetable garden requires work, time but also a financial investment. But is it really profitable? How much money should you invest? How much work does it require? How much land do you need to cultivate to feed a family? Which tools are essential and how much do they cost?

These are the questions we will try to answer in this article.

Rentabilité d'un potager

Is a vegetable garden really profitable?

The answer is YES, and in many ways! Yes, a vegetable garden is profitable because the share of a household’s expenses related to the purchase of food only increases from year to year.
And yes, because by eating fresh and untreated food, you are investing in your health and therefore in your life expectancy.
Yes also because the food you will produce is incredibly tastier than the one found in supermarkets, organic included!

But what is the cost of the seeds?

Obviously, it will be necessary to invest a little money to acquire the sheaths. More concretely, if we wish to feed a family of 4 people, it will be necessary to count 100 to 200€ for the purchase of the sheaths. Thus it will be quite possible to cover at least 50% of the vegetable needs of a family of 4 people. And you will have enough seeds left for the following year. Considering the current price of fruits and vegetables, this investment is amortized in less than a month!

And how much time to take care of the garden?

In terms of time, you will have to invest a few hours per week on average to get results. But as with everything, there are tricks. The most difficult part is the start-up phase. Indeed, what requires the most time and effort is to prepare the ground. Then, once the seeds are in the ground, it becomes a game of patience. But as soon as the plants reach a certain size, they are more robust and require less attention. In just a few weeks, your garden will start producing fruits and vegetables.

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How much land is needed for a vegetable garden?

Ideally, a family of 4 people would need 50 to 100m2. Depending on your skills, and these are refined with time, you can grow more with less space. In permaculture for example, some gardeners have exceptional results on small surfaces.

What tools are essential?

Once the soil of the vegetable garden is prepared, very few tools are necessary. It is even possible to do without tools. Some enthusiasts do not use tools because they like the contact with the soil. If however you wish to invest a few euros, the following tools will be welcome:
pruning shears
Essential tools for the vegetable garden


Do not wait any longer, rather you will start, rather your harvests will arrive in your plate. What a joy and pride to be able to feed your family and acquire a little more independence. All gardeners will tell you: taking care of a vegetable garden, watching your vegetables grow is an activity that brings happiness and relaxation.


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