Watering The Lawn In The Morning Or In The Evening?

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Watering The Lawn In The Morning Or In The Evening?

In most gardens, the lawn is the jewel in the crown. But many amateur gardeners care for it incorrectly and then it is soon over with the green splendor.

Morning or evening – water the lawn correctly

Midsummer is actually pure poison for the lawn, as it suffers enormously from dryness during this time. All the more important that you provide it with the necessary moisture again. Many amateur gardeners in this situation simply reach for the water hose and water the lawn with icy water, and if possible, when the sun is highest in the sky. This is, of course, fundamentally wrong, because the burning sun and the ice-cold water in combination eventually lead to bald, brown spots in the lawn.

Watering The Lawn In The Morning Or In The Evening?

Therefore, it is advisable to water the lawn in the morning or evening, if possible, when there is little or no sun. Ideally, however, you should rather prefer the early morning hours, as dew accumulates overnight and already provides the soil with some moisture. In addition, the soil cannot dry sufficiently in the evening and mold would form if additional watering is applied. The lawn would then be ruined.

Watering the lawn too much

Many people are unfortunately under the misapprehension that a lot helps a lot. But the opposite is often true, because the lawn prefers a little dryness now and then, and too much moisture would do it more harm than good in the long run anyway.

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You can also easily test the moisture of the lawn by stepping on the

by stepping on the grass. If the grass straightens up again, there is still enough moisture in the lawn.

Therefore, many gardeners rely on watering by sprinkling the lawn. But this method consumes vast amounts of water, of which only minimal amounts can reach the roots. As an alternative, watering with rainwater is suitable, which you can simply collect in a suitable rain barrel and then use for all garden plants. In addition, this water has the advantage that it is not as cold as tap water, which is rather unsuitable for the lawn.

If you water the lawn in the morning, only in small amounts and especially only when it becomes necessary, then you will certainly enjoy your bright green lawn for a long time.

Automatic lawn watering

Watering a lawn sufficiently to prevent drought and heat damage is, however, very laborious when done in the

conventional way with a garden hose or even a watering can. Automatic irrigation systems for the lawn can provide a remedy.

The first prerequisite for the installation of an automatic lawn watering system is the good accessibility of a water connection, because without this it is not possible.

Once this has been clarified, the decision on the right irrigation system is imminent. One can choose from various systems.

The simplest and cheapest option for lawn irrigation are the universal sprinklers. These are connected to the garden hose, placed on a tripod or a so-called sled and watering the lawn can begin.

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The universal sprinklers can be used fixed or rotating. How far they reach depends on the water pressure. However, about 15 meters is definitely achievable in throwing distance with a universal sprinkler.

The pop-up sprinklers are another irrigation system for the lawn. With this one, the nozzles are completely buried in the ground so that when the lawn watering system is not in use, they are not visible. This not only restores the appearance of the lawn, but also eliminates the risk of accidents. When the irrigation system is turned on, the nozzles come out of the ground due to the built-up water pressure and start watering the lawn. Pop-up sprinklers can produce up to 30 feet of throw.

A third system is spray nozzle systems. However, these have limited use in small areas. They only achieve a throwing distance of 2 meters. Their advantages, however, are price and easy assembly. The spray nozzles are mounted on a spike for insertion into the ground. Water is supplied through a short hose, which in turn is connected to the main water line, which can also be a hose, with an adapter.

The spray nozzle system is flexible and universal. The nozzles can be inserted into the ground at any point.

Choosing an irrigation system for the lawn is certainly also a decision that depends on the available financial resources. However, the fact is that with an irrigation system you save not only time but also money, because the lawn watering is optimized. When watering by hand, you will not achieve this.

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