What Compost To Use For Roses?

Roses are much less demanding in the field of “giving fertilizer” than many gardeners think. We enlighten you about when and with what they should be fertilized.

Proper care of roses also includes fertilizing. Although the noble roses are quite unpretentious, but year after year it is important that you properly administer each dose of fertilizer, so that the flowers can bloom in full splendor. If you fertilize roses incorrectly, then they may not grow properly and their bloom will not be very lush.


When to fertilize roses?

fertilizing in the spring:

Roses should be given a regular supply of well-rotted compost, starting in early spring, so they can be carefully awakened from their winter slumber.

Compost should always be given at planting time as well, as this makes growing much easier.

fertilize from the middle/end of May:

As soon as the rose forms its first buds, which also open easily (usually from mid/late May), you can administer the first full dose of fertilizer. But never earlier, as this would significantly weaken its flowering! Ideally, you should use a liquid fertilizer for this complete fertilizer application. Then apply it immediately after a rain shower, because then the soil is optimally receptive for the fertilizers administered.

Fertilize at the end of July/beginning of August:

You can then apply another mineral fertilizer in late July/early August before finishing the season in late fall by mounding and covering the individual rose bushes (hibernation).

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You do not need to fertilize roses that you have planted in very nutrient-rich soil that is well supplied with compost a third time. Alternatively, you can incorporate a little coffee grounds around the rose bush in this case.

The situation is different if the roses were exposed to many downpours in one season, because these eventually allow fertilizer gifts to quickly seep into the soil. Then again, you need to fertilize even three times.

With what should fertilize roses?

Three types of fertilizer are absolutely vital for roses – compost, complete fertilizer and mineral fertilizer, and for the latter now even special rose fertilizers are offered in specialized stores.

➤ Compost:

If you do not have your own well-rotted compost, you can alternatively add horn shavings, animal manure or a little peat to the soil. You should always work all fertilizers well into the soil.

➤ Complete fertilizer:

Furthermore, the rose requires a complete fertilizer, which you can best administer in the form of a liquid fertilizer. It is best to use a special rose fertilizer. With this you can not really do anything wrong, because on the bottles is always described exactly how this fertilizer is to be used correctly.

➤ Mineral fertilizer:

And to top it off, roses also need a mineral fertilizer, which you should select depending on the soil conditions prevailing on site.

Important: Do not overfertilize roses

Under no circumstances should you overfertilize your roses, as this will damage their vitality. So if you have planted the individual roses, for example, in an extremely nutrient-rich soil, then sometimes just working in compost once a year is enough.

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