What Do Foxes Eat In The City?

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What do foxes eat in the city? The fox has long since settled in cities.

But what food do urban foxes actually prefer?
Are ducks, chickens, geese still on his menu or do urban foxes prefer hamburgers and kebabs?

What Do Foxes Eat In The City?

I found 7 crazy things that “urban foxes” eat in the city. Let’s go!

What do foxes eat in the city?- 7 crazy things

Cities are paradises for wild animals. Foxes also feel increasingly at home in cities. The abundant food supply, which can be found in garbage cans and wastebaskets, makes the strenuous hunt for prey unnecessary.

But which things do urban foxes prefer to eat?

1) Paraffin
Strange as it may seem, it is – foxes love candle wax. In cemeteries, omnivores have been observed several times helping themselves to grave candles. Also in rabies baits, which are laid out as inoculants for foxes, kerosene is contained.

2) Garbage residues
Especially in cities not only the raccoon prefers the garbage can. Foxes have also quickly learned that one or the other tasty meal is hidden in the garbage.

3.) Blueberries
Whether fallen fruit such as apples and pears or the berries straight from the bush, everything comes in handy for the fox as a meal. Who would have thought that foxes consume fruit?

4) Grasshoppers
Insects are also eaten. Besides grasshoppers, beetles and worms are part of the fox’s diet.

5) Sparrows
As a born hunter, the fox is able to catch birds. It also does not disdain the birds’ brood and eggs.

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6) Tit dumplings
The tendency to feed birds all year round plays into the paws of the fox. Tit dumplings represent a successful meal for the omnivore. Grain food is also gladly accepted by him. Especially when feeding birds close to the ground, you must be aware that you will also attract foxes (for this the fox does not even have to make an effort).

7) Squirrels
Foxes eat small animals such as mice, rabbits and hares. Even the cute squirrels have a permanent place on his menu.

What do foxes prefer to eat?

As omnivores, foxes are not picky eaters. Because they also eat weakened, sick animals and are scavengers, they are often described as environmental police.

Insects such as beetles, grubs and grasshoppers, are as popular with foxes as small animals (e.g. chickens and their eggs, wild birds of all kinds, mice, squirrels).

Fruits are also on the menu of foxes (fallen fruit of all kinds and berries).

What do foxes eat in winter?

Foxes eat in winter what they have previously buried for times of need. They create a kind of pantry. Once foxes have captured a surplus, the wild animals always bury it in the same place and return as needed.

In doing so, they dig shallow holes in the earth, about 10 centimeters deep, so they can retrieve their hiding place. Foxes have an excellent sense of smell and direction that helps them retrieve the chamber.

Do foxes eat geese?

Yes, foxes eat geese. The well-known children’s song, “Fox, you stole the goose.” is based on facts.

The wild animals eat any poultry species. Therefore, at dusk, chicken, goose, duck and co. must be brought for protection from the free range into the barn, which should be well secured.

Where do foxes live?

Foxes live in a burrow. In the forest or even in the field, they create underground tunnels, where fox cubs are also raised. Rock crevices or undercut tree roots are also adopted by foxes as burrows.

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It is important to have emergency exits in case they need to flee their den. Sometimes foxes and badgers share a den and live together in a kind of communal living.

Foxes simply move in with badgers that have already laboriously built their burrow beforehand. Whether city or country, cold or warm: foxes can be found all over the world in any region. Their strength lies in their enormous adaptability.

Do foxes eat dead foxes?

Yes, foxes eat dead foxes. Foxes are scavengers and do not stop even from their own kind. Among hunters, the phenomenon of foxes eating shot foxes, which were not immediately cleared, or carried away (pantry) is known.

Feeding fox, penalty?

It is strictly forbidden to feed wild animals according to the European hunting law. Penalties of up to 20,000 euros can be imposed for violations.

Due to the fact that there are still some incorrigible people who feed foxes, the animals are more and more often lured into the vicinity of people.

The animals lose their natural shyness and eventually prowl in front yards. As a result, dangerous confrontations between foxes and domestic animals occur repeatedly. Humans can also be bitten by foxes.

Foxes are not cuddly animals, which require feeding.

What enemies does the fox have?

The fox is one of the species that are spreading more and more. For years the fox population has been growing despite regular hunting by humans.
In fact, man is now the fox’s biggest enemy. Although the predator has natural predators, they are scarce and often threatened with extinction.

The eagle owl

Who eats whom? This question is not unjustified in the constellation. Foxes eat birds, and this includes the eagle owl. They seek out its nests and hope for prey.

Adult eagle owls do not belong on the fox’s menu and adult, healthy foxes do not belong on the eagle owl’s menu. However, injured foxes and young animals are an exception.

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These an eagle owl already eats. Eagle owls temporarily belonged to the species threatened with extinction. Thanks to appropriate protection measures, it could be taken off the red list in the meantime. Currently, however, its population is again dwindling.

The lynx

The skillful wild cats are able to successfully kill foxes. Thanks to protective measures and the targeted reintroduction of lynx, which until a few years ago did not occur naturally in European forests, the lynx population is currently estimated at 77 animals.

The wolf

Foxes are a favorite food for the wolf. For decades there were no more wolves in Europe.

In recent years, however, he returned from obscurity. With increasing emergence, the wolf is able to diminish the fox population.


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