Which Net Is Best For Pigeon?

It is hard to imagine the cityscape without pigeons. They settle in large numbers in public places. What are partly nice photo motifs for tourists, is a big problem for the residents.

The pigeons settle on the facades and balconies. There, the pigeon droppings leave a great damage, which is why the classification as a pest seems justified.

A pigeon defense on the balcony turns out to be difficult. You can fight against the animals with optical and acoustic systems. Over time, they get used to these measures, so other methods must be taken.

The pigeon net is a long-term solution. How to install the net and what advantages it offers over other methods, you will learn below.

Features of the pigeon nets

Pigeon nets are designed so that the birds can not penetrate them. The mesh size of most models is 50 mm. This is fine enough so that pigeons have no chance to get through the nets.

Do not confuse the nets with designs that are intended for your own cat. If you want to cat-proof your balcony, other models are necessary for this purpose. For cats are to be used finer-meshed and more stable nets. In addition, the attachment differs, which is done in the cat nets inside the balcony.

A modern pigeon net does not have to spoil the visual impression of a building or the balcony. There are transparent nets that are hardly visible from the outside. This is especially advantageous for historical buildings that want to protect their facade in this way.

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The pigeon net proves to be robust and resistant. The most common models are made of polyethylene, which is resistant to both UV radiation and temperature fluctuations. Thus, you can install the pigeon net throughout the year without having to remove it again in the winter.

For apartments, the pigeon net does not affect the incidence of light. You do not have to be afraid that the attachment will create a larger shadow or the apartment will receive less light.

In addition to the commonly used black models, there are also more and more colorful variants. With these, you can visually accentuate and customize your home.

For a permanent pigeon defense, the net proves to be an effective and animal-friendly method. The pigeon is not harmed and the balcony and the facade are protected.

The damage pattern of the pigeon

The pigeon may hardly be perceived as a pest as a bird. However, the damage pattern clearly indicates that pigeons should not be allowed near residential units and historic buildings. Therefore, a pigeon net is a wise investment to ward off damage.

Pigeon droppings

One obvious damage is pigeon droppings. Where the birds roost, they leave their business. One pigeon comes up with about 3 kilograms of droppings in a year. This may not sound like much on its own. But due to the ever-increasing population, the amount of pigeon droppings is also increasing. Hardly anyone wants to use a balcony that has been contaminated by pigeon droppings. Therefore, the early protection of the building is necessary to avoid heavy pollution.

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Damage to facades

Pigeon droppings are not only visually unattractive. It has properties that are harmful to some building materials. For example, it is able to etch away the binder of a sandstone. Weathering sets in faster and a costly renovation of the facade cannot be prevented.

Nuisance on the balcony

Pigeons are not only unpopular because of their droppings. Also the constant cooing does not allow a relaxed evening on the balcony. The intense flapping of the wings can knock over drinks or flower pots. The droppings as well as the animal possess an unpleasant smell, so that in sum a balcony is no longer usable if pigeons have settled there.

Transmits diseases

The pigeon net also protects you from the transmission of some diseases. The pigeon is considered as an intermediate host for bacteria, viruses as well as parasites. In practice, disease transmission is considered very rare, but you should still be aware of this risk.

Especially people with a weaker immune system, such as the elderly or children are exposed to greater danger in case of disease. The pigeon can cause gastrointestinal diseases or tuberculosis, among others. Domestic animals are also exposed to this risk.

Assembly of the pigeon net

The pigeon net should be stable along the facade or balcony. In order for it to have a certain longevity, a holding structure is first attached. Usually it is necessary to drill into the masonry and attach the support structure with dowels.

Alternatively, there are also versions in which sheet metal clips are used instead of dowels. Depending on the area of application, the installation may require more effort. As a tenant, you must consult with the landlord before installing the pigeon net.

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Pigeon nets for effective protection

If pigeons or other birds settle on your balcony or perhaps nest on the facade, you should not simply ignore this. The droppings can cause more damage, which is why the animals should be kept away.

If the pigeon net is in use, you get an effective pigeon defense at a low price. The pests are kept away and the disturbance is kept within limits. In inner cities, such a net is a good way to finally sit on the balcony in peace.


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