7 Tips How To Get Rid Of Pigeons From The Balcony

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:28 pm

There are pigeons that are really pretty to look at, but there are pigeons that are just ugly and can become a real nuisance.

We had this feeling especially when it came to the lockdown in March. When there was nothing left to eat in the cities, a lot of pigeons came out to our countryside. We had a very nice old willow catkin tree in our garden, it is still standing, unfortunately it died so only the skeleton is left.

7 Tips How To Get Rid Of Pigeons From The Balcony

This tree was full of pigeons. Our little titmice had hardly had a chance to rest on this tree or to explore the area before it went to the young ones in the cottage. The pigeons were and are a nuisance. Especially the cars, the windows, the sidewalks, that garden furniture, the balcony everything was full of bird poo, but it’s true. I didn’t even get behind that fast to remove the whole thing. But there are supposed to be some helpful tips to get rid of this pest.

Tip 1 Attach bird nets to the balconies:

Who has a pure house cats, it will already know. The net, protects the cat from falling down. However, if you do not have a cat and pulls a net over the balcony it clearly restricts your view. Came for us therefore out of the question.

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Tip 2 Hang a CD

You can also thread a simple Cd on a string and hang it up. The mirror surface of the Cd will drive the birds away from the balcony.

Tip 3 Hang wind chimes

You can also hang a wind chime, the sound of the bells is very unpopular with many pigeons. However, if it storms with us and this does it like times at night, drive you the bells in the madness and around the sleep. For us, not an option 🙁

Tip 4 Remove food scraps/don’t feed pigeons

Basically, you should refrain from any kind of bird feeding and also do not hang birdhouses on the balcony. But now I am stumbling. I can still understand feeding, but not hanging up a bird house! I think it’s nice when our titmice come every year and raise their offspring. Conclusion for us, that house remains! There must be another solution. So far, however, I have not yet found one. Do you have any ideas?

Tip 5 Put up plastic owls/plastic ravens

Place plastic owls or plastic ravens on your railing. This kills 2 birds with one stone. On the one hand you have a pretty decoration for your balcony railing and on the other hand they keep the pigeons away.

Tip 6 Integrate defense spikes on balcony ledges

One sees these defense spikes at very many houses, churches this I also find very meaningful, But… on our balcony railing I would not like to have this.

Tip 7 set up acoustic defense systems

But you can also set up an acoustic defense system. However, the pigeons get used to the sound very quickly, so you have to change the tones from time to time.

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