Why You Should Use Ant Spray

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Ants in the garden or in the house are an annoying nuisance. They find a gap almost everywhere to gain access and directly seek out fruit or other food to hog it. This significantly reduces the quality of life and you must always be careful not to form an ant trail.


You can, of course, use an ant trap or ant poison to eradicate the nests. But the effect is time-delayed and if you are expecting visitors and do not want them to be greeted by an ant trail, then you should rather resort to means that work immediately.

Why You Should Use Ant Spray

An ant spray is the better choice. The effect is immediate and you do not have to wait hours for the ant poison to take effect.

If you need an instant solution in the fight against the ants, then the ant spray is the best remedy.

Why should use ant spray

In the fight against ants there are many different ways and means. Ant poison or traps are certainly the most effective and should be used preferably. The poisons are based on the active ingredient spinosad.

Spinosad kills the ants very effectively, but the effect is not immediate, but only after a few hours. So within this time, the ants can still enter your house or apartment in search of food.

Moreover, it also takes a while for all the ants in the colony to absorb this poison. Thus, it may take a longer time to really fight the entire colony as well.

If you need a quick effective remedy, for example for the next garden party or because you want to enjoy your breakfast in peace, then you should reach for a remedy that works immediately.

Ant spray has the advantage that it immediately fights the ants when sprayed directly. However, it can also be used in such a way that it is sprayed on the ant trail and the ant trail is dissolved.

So the ant spray is quite flexible in use and it depends on what effect you want to achieve.

In addition, the ant spray is much more inconspicuous than a bait box that stands in the kitchen or on the terrace. If you are expecting guests, then such a can does not always make the best impression. The ant spray, on the other hand, is very inconspicuous but still effective.

Application of the ant spray

The use of the spray is very simple and basically like any other spray. From a distance of about 30 centimeters, you can apply the ant spray directly to the walkways, the nest or the ant.

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So the spray has multiple uses.

Spraying the nest
If you don’t want to wait any longer for the ant poison to take effect, then you can use the ant spray to spray the nest. Most ant sprays are specially designed to facilitate spraying the nest.

For example, they come with a hose-like extension that you can attach to the end of the spray. With this hose, you can now directly enter the ant nest and eliminate the small animals.

Application on paths

The ant spray can also be applied on a path. Unlike the ant trap, which has an attracting effect, the ant spray has a barrier effect.

That is, the ants will not cross the path and cannot pass the spray. Unlike the chalk, which is counted as a home remedy against ants, the ant spray achieves a better effect. This is because with the chalk, it still happens frequently that they cross it.

If you want to protect your house completely, then you can spray the agent around the house in large areas. Depending on the spray, a long-term effect of 20 weeks can be guaranteed. However, the prerequisite for this is that the area remains dry. In case of rain or water, the agent is washed away and no longer shows any effect.

Ant spray which to use

If you would like to use a spray yourself, here are three alternatives to choose from. The effect is always quite similar and you should not worry too much about the right ant spray. The customer reviews are very convincing for all products and the immediate effect can be confirmed.

To combat ants does not always have to be a special spray. Universal sprays, which are generally effective against vermin, usually have a good success with ants as well.

The universal spray from Ardap is a very good example of a spray that works against both ants and other vermin. You can either spray it directly on the ants, apply it to the ant trail or just spray it around the room.

If the spray is used directly against the ants, then it should be sprayed until the ant appears slightly damp and thus has absorbed enough active ingredient. The lethal effect will occur in a very short time and render the ant harmless.

A particular advantage of this remedy is that it can be sprayed indoors. For example, do you have problems with ants in the living room, but do not know exactly where they come from?

Then you can spray the spray in your living room in the room. After that, the agent will be deposited throughout the room and possible entry routes will be effectively blocked.

However, after the application should be aired.

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If you are lucky enough to have no other pests infesting your house except ants, then you can also use a special ant spray from Ardap. This is especially advisable if the infestation is very massive and you want to fight not only individual ants.

To better reach areas that are difficult to access, a spray tube is included. You can use this to spray directly into an ant nest, for example. Once you have located the ant nest, you can spray the product directly into the ant nest. This way you can target a large part of the ants.

If an ant trail is wetted with this agent, then the barrier effect can last up to 6 weeks.

The previous ant sprays were mainly designed to fight the ants through direct contact. However, if you want to fight nests more effectively, then you can use this spray from Compo.

This is to be distinguished from other ant sprays, because the main effect is the transport of the active ingredient to the nest. Thus, the lethal effect does not occur immediately when the ants come into contact with the active ingredient, but only when you ingest it as food.

The active ingredient is bound in micro-small plastic beads. This has the advantage that other animals are not affected by the mist. In addition, the duration of action is prolonged. This is about 6 weeks.

The spray is ideal for spraying furniture. It does not leave stains and thus ideal to rid garden furniture of ants.

Where can the spray be used

Common ant poisons have the disadvantage that they should only be used sparingly in the home. After all, it is a poison that probably no one would like to have in the immediate vicinity.

The ant spray, on the other hand, is based on other active ingredients. It is not completely harmless for humans or animals, but it is much more tolerable.

The spray can also be used in a much more targeted manner. A few sprays are enough to dissolve the ant trail or to combat the ants in general.

Advantages and disadvantages of the spray

In the fight against ants, there are various means and methods. If you are still unsure whether the ant spray is suitable for you, then the following advantages and disadvantages can help you.


The ant spray is very easy to use. Simply spray on the ant at a distance of about 30 centimeters and the lethal effect will start.

A barrier effect is also built up by the spray. This prevents the ant from entering the house, for example. If you see a populated ant street, then you only have to treat it with the spray and the street will be avoided.

Many insect repellents are unsuitable for use in the house. However, the spray can be used indoors without any problems. It can either be sprayed quite unspecifically into the air, from where it then spreads throughout the room, or it can be used directly on the ants.

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Ant sprays do not only work against ants. Depending on the active ingredient, they can also be used against other pests. Ant baits, on the other hand, are specifically targeted at ants. If you have other pests besides ants, then you can use a pest spray and successfully control both ants and other insects.


When using it indoors, make sure there is adequate ventilation. The active ingredient can irritate the respiratory tract if inhaled in large quantities. Therefore, the ant spray should also be used with extreme caution in the home.

The spray is not suitable for use in the garden. It can be wiped away by rain and constant running over it also reduces the effect. Therefore, it should only be used in covered areas.

Preventive measures

If you often have to fight with ants and they constantly appear in your home, then not only immediate measures should be carried out, but also thought about the long-term control of ants.

To avoid ants in general, you should not leave open food in the kitchen or on the terrace. The ants are literally attracted by the sweetness of the food and within a very short time an ant trail is formed.

To avoid this, food scraps should be removed immediately. In addition, food should not be left in the open, but stored in containers.

In this way, you can avoid ants making themselves comfortable in your home in the long run.

If you still have problems, then the ant spray is a first-class solution that quickly leads to success.


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