Winter Hardy Purslane – Tasty Vitamin Dispenser In The Cold Season

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For a long time purslane, also known as winter spinach, was bitterly fought as a very stubborn and unruly weed. For some years now, however, the healthy winter vegetable has been gaining new honors due to its high content of vitamins and minerals. However, only the winter purslane is actually hardy, while the summer purslane needs a lot of sun and warmth.

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Winter purslane is undemanding
Winter purslane, also known as winter spinach, Cuban spinach or Siberian purslane, is very undemanding and does very well with little sun. Moreover, the plant survives even frosty winters with temperatures as low as – 20 °C. The white or light pink flowering plants grow about ten to 15 centimeters high and tend to creep. For this reason, they are ideal as ground cover, especially in shady places (e.g. for greening under trees).

Winter Hardy Purslane - Tasty Vitamin Dispenser In The Cold Season

Grow winter purslane
Winter spinach can be sown directly outdoors from the end of September. In mild winters, even sowing in December or January is still possible, as well as spring sowing in March. The plants prefer a loose and humusy soil, which can be sandy. In contrast to summer purslane, winter purslane is an angiosperm, and its seeds should be about 10 millimeters deep in the soil. The optimal spacing between individual plants is about 10 x 15 centimeters, and you should quickly separate the young plants. Winter spinach also belongs to the cold germinators, which germinate only at an appropriate cold stimulus in the form of temperatures below 12 °C. It is also possible to grow them in a greenhouse, balcony box or other planter.

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Tips & Tricks
Cover the soil around the plants with a thick layer of bark mulch to keep it warm and moist – this way, not only will weeds not stand a chance, but the plants will also survive even very cold winters better.


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