10 Tips To Protect Your Garden From Nosey Neighbors!

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:04 pm

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A face-to-face relationship can quickly become a hellish situation depending on the more or less curious nature of the neighbors. Follow our advice to regain some privacy and serenity in your garden, away from prying eyes.

1- Install a fence
Made of wooden panels, the fence will hide you from prying eyes. Easy to install, these light panels can be painted to your taste or covered with plants to hide them.

10 Tips To Protect Your Garden From Nosey Neighbors!

2- Plant trees
If the view is from above (for example, a window overlooking your yard or garden), plant a large tree in a strategic manner. Don’t forget the regulations that require this type of tree to be planted more than 2 meters from the property line. Choose an evergreen variety to be protected all year long.

3- Make a very ‘natural’ privacy screen
Let your creativity run wild by making a privacy screen with bamboo culms placed vertically and held in place with wire. If you have flexible branches like those of the hazel tree or the weeping willow, weave them into all sorts of shapes to create intimate areas.

4- Create a jungle atmosphere
If you have a green thumb, let yourself go with multiple plantings of dense or voluble foliage that, little by little, will create a real green cocoon around you.

5- Use climbing plants
There is nothing like a climbing plant on a fence, a pergola or a trellis to hide from the viewer. Vigorous wisteria, green hops, passionflower or bougainvillea in hot areas, ivy, are all solutions to live hidden.

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6-Abuse shade sails
Very ‘trendy’, stretched shade sails are also decorative objects in their own right, allowing you to modulate the space by creating areas of shade and intimacy. Place one or more sails facing the opposite direction to find your peace and quiet.

7- Create an outdoor living room
To enjoy a courtyard, a terrace or a garden in summer, install a garden lounge and protect it from prying eyes with curtains. Very light curtains will move with the breeze.

8- Build a low wall
A wall is an effective solution to protect you from the wind and the sun. Made of cinder block, it can be painted or masked by plants such as ivy or Virginia creeper. Made of dry stone, it will be very aesthetic and will shelter a useful fauna.

9- Invite the tropics
Add some exoticism to your garden by planting plants with giant leaves such as gunnere, alocasia or banana. Installed en masse, they will hide you from the eyes.

10- Install screens
Moveable at will, light and removable at any time, the screen remains a solution to consider to protect a small area from an embarrassing vis-à-vis. Made of canvas, wrought iron or very natural materials, you are bound to find one that suits you!


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