14 Store Bought Vegetables & Herbs You Can Regrow

Last updated on October 25th, 2023 at 11:13 am

I am regrowing 14 store bought Vegetables and Herbs. These 14 vegetables and herbs are very easy to regrow. You can either grow these indoors, outdoors, or near your kitchen window.

Regrowing vegetables and herbs from store-bought produce is a sustainable and cost-effective way to enjoy a continuous supply of fresh produce. Here’s a list of 14 vegetables and herbs you can regrow from scraps:

  1. Green Onions (Scallions): Place the root end with a little bit of the white bulb in a cup of water. Change the water regularly, and they will regrow quickly.
  2. Lettuce, Romaine, and Cabbage: Save the base of a head of lettuce or cabbage, place it in a shallow dish with water, and watch it sprout new leaves.
  3. Bok Choy: Similar to lettuce, you can regrow bok choy by placing the base in water.
  4. Celery: Save the base with leaves and place it in a container with water. New stalks will start to grow from the center.
  5. Carrots: Save the tops of carrots with a bit of the root, place them in a dish with water, and watch the green tops regrow.
  6. Garlic: Plant individual garlic cloves in soil, and they will sprout new shoots.
  7. Ginger: Plant a piece of ginger root in soil, and it will grow into a new ginger plant.
  8. Potatoes: Cut a potato into sections with at least one “eye” or sprout, and plant them in the ground. They will grow into new potato plants.
  9. Sweet Potatoes: Submerge a sweet potato in a jar of water using toothpicks. Roots will grow, and slips can be separated for planting.
  10. Basil: Place basil cuttings with at least two leaf nodes in a glass of water, and they will develop roots for planting.
  11. Mint: Like basil, mint cuttings can be rooted in water and transplanted when they have developed roots.
  12. Cilantro: Place cilantro stems with roots in water, and they will regrow.
  13. Lemon Grass: Place a stalk of lemon grass with roots in water to encourage new growth.
  14. Onions: Onions can be regrown from the root end. Plant it in the ground or in a pot, and it will produce new green shoots.
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14 Store Bought Vegetables & Herbs You Can Regrow

When regrowing these vegetables and herbs, ensure they receive adequate light, proper care, and enough space for their growth. While regrowing produce can be a fun and sustainable gardening practice, some plants may not reach the same size as store-bought counterparts, but they can still provide fresh flavor and a sense of satisfaction.


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