3 Natural Remedies To Keep Bees Away

Attracted by sweet foods, bees are too numerous in your garden and prevent you from enjoying the outdoors? However, it is out of the question to kill all these little workers with insecticide or traps, because they are very important for the environment and the ecosystem.

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They cannot be treated like other harmful insects or garden pests (aphids, flies, ants, hornets, stinging insects…), even if we fear the painful sting of their sting and the dangerous allergic reaction it can sometimes produce (which can go as far as anaphylactic shock in allergic people). After our tips to scare away wasps, here are 3 tips to keep bees away without harming them to preserve biodiversity.

1/ Burning incense to keep bee swarms away

Burn incense in your house or on your outdoor terrace to fight against hymenoptera. The wasps and bees will be bothered by the smell and will not come to bother you!

2/ Use geranium essential oil

Use it either in a diffuser in your home or directly on yourself. To do this, mix 1 drop of geranium essential oil with 10 drops of vegetable oil. Then apply on the parts of your body generally exposed to bites. Repeat the application every 4 hours.

3/ A repellent to keep bees away

Mix 1L of water with 10 ml of organic liquid soap, 20 ml of sweet almond oil, 10 to 20 gr of baking soda and 2 crushed garlic cloves. Let your mixture macerate for 2 days. Strain. You can then sprinkle your plants. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse the leaves with clear water.

If there are hives full of nectar nearby, allergy sufferers need not fear painful allergic reactions and itching. And most importantly, for wasp nest removal or an Asian hornet colony near your home, call a professional. These little beasts are more dangerous and aggressive than bees, which is why it is so important to control their proliferation.

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