Plan And Create Garden – Step By Step Guide

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You want to turn your garden into an oasis of well-being? Then follow our instructions. This way, nothing can go wrong when planning and creating a garden.

Garten per Skizze planen

A beautiful garden is an optimal retreat to recharge your batteries and relax in the great outdoors and fresh air. For this, however, the garden must also resemble a real oasis of well-being, because only then can you really switch off and enjoy your blooming oasis. So that your garden also becomes a beautiful place, here is a step by step guide on how to properly plan and then implement your garden.

Plan and create garden – step by step guide

❍ Step 1 – Plan garden properly:

Plan And Create Garden - Step By Step Guide

A beautiful garden requires good planning from the start. In the process of garden design, you must first consider what type of garden you want to have. Do you dream of a traditional ornamental garden, a kitchen garden with fruit trees and vegetable beds, a natural garden, or perhaps even a Japanese-style garden? Or would you like to create a front garden, a courtyard garden or a rooftop garden?

If you have children, then you should also plan enough open space for them to play or even create their own play corner with elements such as a swing, sandbox or even a soccer goal.

❍ Step 2 – Make a sketch:

If the previous questions are clarified, then you should definitely put all your ideas and conceptions on a sheet of paper, because this is the only way you will achieve your goal later on. If you have your sketch in front of your eyes, then you will see much more clearly whether your ideas can really be implemented or whether the whole thing will form a harmonious picture. If you don’t think about it until you are already digging, excavating, etc., then it may already be too late for your garden dreams.

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Even a rather narrow area you can with good planning and the right layout thus visually transform into a beautiful, spacious garden.

To ensure that your own garden also looks the part, you should lay out the individual components such as lawns, flower beds and perennials in a harmonious relationship to one another.

❍ Step 3 – Realize garden dreams:

Depending on the space available and your ideas of your own dream garden, you can now start designing the garden. Here, you should thoroughly consider whether you would like to implement your garden project yourself or whether you would prefer to get professional help. A professional gardener and landscaper will transform any previously dusty open space into a fragrant sea of flowers and will do all the gardening work conscientiously and carefully. In addition, he can also create practical and exceedingly chic refinements in the garden design, such as a pond with a waterfall for a water garden or even terraces and paths.

Especially if you have such special wishes, you should contact a professional. You can have the most beautiful ideas in your head, but what good is that if you can’t implement them professionally? So it’s better to turn to a specialist – because that way you won’t waste money if things don’t work out when you try to build your own.

With a beautiful garden, the garden design is never completely finished, because depending on the season, you always have to put new plants, enhance the beds with suitable accessories and invest a lot of care in the garden.

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If you still have some dreams or ideas for your garden later, but here again it is important that you plan them thoroughly beforehand, so that the harmonious picture in the garden remains.


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