Plants Against Mosquitoes: How To Keep Your Garden Free Of Mosquitoes

Many plants help against mosquitoes. This can be very useful: Because especially on balmy summer evenings, the insects in your own garden can become a real problem.

It hums and buzzes loudly next to your ear and – bang – you’ve been bitten. Hardly a summer barbecue on the balcony or terrace is free from mosquito attacks. Mosquito sprays are a quick remedy. But many products harm other insects as well as mosquitoes, and depending on the brand, they cost a lot of money and cause waste. Many people do not know that plants can also help against mosquitoes – without any chemicals.

Especially plants that have a high content of essential oils protect against mosquitoes. This is because these oils are stronger than human scents. They therefore mask our smell. In addition, mosquitoes do not like the smell of many plants and therefore prefer to keep their distance.

These plants help against mosquitoes

Auch Wacholder zählt zu den Pflanzen, die gegen Mücken helfen.
  • Catnip deters mosquitoes and attracts bees. When you plant catnip, you support biodiversity on your property.
  • Rosemary doesn’t just help as a shrub against mosquitoes. If you place a few twigs on a grid over a wind or tea light, the essential oils of rosemary will evaporate. Mosquitoes don’t like that smell at all.
  • Lemon balm repels mosquitoes with its sweet smell. To increase the effect, you can pluck off some leaves and crush them with a mortar. This will release even more essential oils. Then put the leaves in a bowl and place it on the balcony to get rid of mosquitoes.
  • You can grow tomatoes in pots or buckets on the balcony or terrace. This plant also helps against mosquitoes.
  • Garlic is said to protect against vampires, according to scary stories. This is no coincidence: bloodsucking mosquitoes are also afraid of the bulb.
  • Walnut trees also contain many essential oils. Their odor deters mosquitoes, horseflies and blowflies. Branches freshly chopped off or fallen from the tree also have this effect. Putting twigs on your bedroom windowsill can keep mosquitoes out of your room.
  • Juniper contains particularly bitter essential oils, the smell of which mosquitoes avoid.
  • Basil and chives are also plants that help against mosquitoes.
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Pretty and effective: plants against mosquitoes

Lavendel zieht Bienen an und schreckt Mücken ab.

Not only herbs or useful plants help – you can also use ornamental plants against mosquitoes.

Butterflies and bees love lavender. The scent also has a calming effect on humans. Only mosquitoes are deterred by the essential oils.
Scented geraniums don’t even have to bloom to repel insects. As a potted plant, you can always move them to another spot you want to rid of mosquitoes.
Tagetes, also called marigold, emits a particularly strong scent. Mosquitoes stay away from it.
Lillibet blooms from May to August and has an anti-mosquito effect during this time.


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