Buying Lawn Edger – Here’s What You Need To Look Out For

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High time to take care of the lawn in the garden. However, mowing the lawn can be difficult, especially at the edges. This is where a lawn edger comes in handy. We show you what to look for when buying a lawn edger.

Lawn edges, i.e. the transition from grass to paved areas such as patios or paths, are always a tricky spot when mowing the lawn. Many people simply drive over them with the lawn mower. However, this only works if the two areas are the same height. Otherwise, you could ruin your lawn mower blades.

Buying Lawn Edger - Here's What You Need To Look Out For

But what to do around the edges of the beds or fence? The solution to this is called a lawn edger.

For shorter lawn edges, a hand-operated lawn edger is usually sufficient. If, on the other hand, you have a very long cutting edge or many small ones, it is worth considering an electric lawn edger.

Cutting the lawn edge with lawn shears

The easiest way to cut a lawn edge is with grass shears*. However, you have to be careful not to cut too much at once. If the tuft of grass is too thick, squeezing the cutting blades together can become a feat of strength.

With grass shears you can cut the cutting height of your lawn edge to any height. Occasionally, the grass shears are also suitable for cutting thin branches and brushwood.

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Tip: Although most grass shears are made of stainless material, you should still clean them after each use to increase the life of the shears.

Of course, the grass shears are also available in an electric version*. Instead of the shear blades, there is a whole shear head at the front. Thanks to the electric drive, this makes it possible to cut slightly thicker tufts of grass. Many of the devices can also be used for trimming shrubs.

Lawn edger

A lawn edge trimmer is a more convenient way to trim lawn edges than lawn shears. A lawn edger usually consists of a crescent-shaped cutting blade with a kicking edge and a long handle. The blade is placed in the desired location and then stepped down with the foot. Thanks to the handle, you don’t need to bend down to do this.

However, you need to have some practice with a lawn edger, because with it you not only cut the grass, but also tear the soil at the edge. In addition, you can only make vertical cuts with it, the device does not work horizontally.

If you do not feel like working your way forward piece by piece according to the width of the cutting blade, a lawn edger with a roller* is more recommended. On one side of the device there is a wheel with cutting blades.

Place the cutting wheel at the beginning of the edge to be cut and slowly move along the entire length.

Lawn edge trimmer with handle and rechargeable battery

More professional are lawn edgers with handle and battery*. These are used by landscapers, among others. The principle is similar to that of the lawn edge trimmer with rollers. The only difference is that the cutting tools are also motor-driven.

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Such a device is extremely labor-saving, but really only necessary if you have a very long or many small lawn edges.

Before you choose one of the devices, you should also think about how much space you have. For example, if you want to trim the edge of a wall, raised bed or raised border, the devices may not reach the edge due to their housing or other components.

Trimming lawn edges with a lawn trimmer

With a lawn trimmer*, you will rarely have the problem of not being able to get all the way to the edge. However, using an electric lawn trimmer is not all that easy. Always make sure that the cutting height is even, otherwise the edge will become irregular.

It is also important that you pay attention to the surrounding materials. The cutting thread of a lawn trimmer has an amazing penetrating power. If you’re not careful, large artificial fabric planters will quickly get a hole.

Stone walls can also get ugly scratches. In some cases, if the material is a bit more porous, the lawn trimmer can even knock small pieces out of the stone wall.

Well-trimmed lawn edges are the icing on the cake of a healthy and beautiful-looking lawn and, like regular fertilizing, are simply part of lawn care.


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