Wet Lawn Mowing: How To Do It (And What To Avoid)

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:01 pm

Mowing the lawn is part of gardening. But what if it rains all the time? When mowing wet lawns, there are a few points to keep in mind.

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Mowing the lawn is one of those tasks that has to be done, even if no one likes doing it. But if, thanks to changeable weather, the grass can never completely dry off in spring, good advice is expensive. Can wet lawns be mowed? We clarify.

Wet Lawn Mowing: How To Do It (And What To Avoid)

Mowing wet lawn: what you should pay attention to.
There is often a quiet consensus among neighbors that the lawn is only mowed on sunny days. People look it up from each other or do it like their own parents and grandparents. If the grass is wet, the lawn mower stays in the shed. This is actually not necessary, because if a few points are observed, you can of course mow wet grass without any problems.

This is important when mowing wet grass:

Never mulch: When mowing, always use a basket. This is because wet grass clippings are heavy and lay over the lawn. The mulch then keeps out light and in the worst case threatens rotting. Always mulch only on dry days.

Consider effort: wet grass is heavy, so the basket must fit properly and in no case have hooks that can easily break. In addition, mowing the lawn itself is also more laborious. If you live on a slope, mowing wet grass can directly replace the fitness program.
Do not walk on it before mowing: In order for the blades to be mowed down, they must stand. Therefore, the lawn should not be walked on in advance, otherwise gardeners would push down the blades.
Empty the catcher more often: The heavy grass also makes the lawn mower heavier, so the basket should be emptied more often than usual.

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Clean blades: Damp grass sticks, so it may be necessary to clean the blades of grass clippings in between. Be sure to turn petrol lawnmowers over to the right side for this purpose!
Cutting height: Long blades bend a little more when it rains, so it may make sense to mow several times at different heights and not start low right away.
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Safety first, of course. Electric lawn mowers in particular have a cord and, more importantly, sensitive parts like plugs or connections. Make sure that these parts do not get wet. After mowing, the lawn mower must be thoroughly cleaned and, of course, dry again.

But if the grass is wet, why bother mowing it at all? Rain in particular makes the lawn grow quickly. To maintain the ideal height of four centimeters, the lawn must not become too high in between. Because shortening should be a maximum of one-third per mowing. Garden expert Klaus Fischer at soester-anzeiger.de* also has useful tips on proper lawn care and the perfect height when mowing.


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