Propagate Australian Lemon Leaf – It’s So Easy!

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:01 pm

Australian lemon leaf is still an unfamiliar plant for us. But it can be propagated at home in a well-known way umpteen times. All that is needed is a mother plant. Only the number of its shoots can limit us in terms of quantity.


Propagation by cuttings
Australian lemon leaf does not necessarily have to buy in stores. Especially since this plant is still rarely found there. You can easily grow a new plant yourself. For this, of course, the conditions must be met.

Propagate Australian Lemon Leaf - It's So Easy!

For the reproduction of the Australian lemon leaf is needed a cutting. For in this country, this is the way how to propagate the plant.

Shoot tips are optimal
Head cuttings are well suited. To do this, simply cut off the tip of one of the shoots. The head cuttings should be at least 10 cm long.

Cutting off head cuttings does not harm the plant. On the contrary, it makes it branch out all the more. Cutting off the tips of the shoots is also common when the lemon-tasting leaves are used for cooking or for a tea.

The ideal time
With rooting the head cuttings are obtained good results throughout the year. Therefore, when you start the propagation may be decided by other factors. For example, by when you have a cutting available.

Outdoor or indoor?
Australian lemon leaf is perennial but not hardy. It may therefore spend only the warm days of the year outdoors. During this time, cuttings can also be propagated outdoors. The only important thing is to keep the cutting away from direct sunlight.

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In winter, simply stick cut shoots into the soil of other plants. With their scent, they keep pests away and root in quite incidentally. In spring, give the young plants their own pots.

Rooting the head cuttings
In summer, you can place the head cutting in a glass of water, where it will form roots within a few days. Otherwise, plant the cutting directly into a pot.

remove the lowest leaves

  • put it in moist soil
  • place in a bright, warm place
  • avoid direct sun at the beginning
  • keep only moderately moist

Make sure the soil is not too wet. Australian lemon leaf prefers dry soil. If the soil is too moist, the cutting will rot rather than take root.


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