Catnip – Known Varieties And Insider Tips

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The world of catmints can quickly become confusing for laymen. After all, there are numerous varieties that differ in terms of their flowering time, flower color, growth size, site requirements and resistance, among other things. Here you will get an overview of the best varieties.

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The differences between gray and green-leaved varieties.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between gray-leaved and green-leaved varieties. The gray-leaved varieties are more common and less demanding in handling. They are considered extremely drought and heat tolerant and cope excellently with nutrient-poor substrates. The low specimens among them grow between 20 and 30 cm high. The larger specimens like to rise up to 1 m in height.

Catnip - Known Varieties And Insider Tips

On the other hand, the green-leaved catmints are considered more difficult to handle. They do not cope with southern exposure and heat. They also do not tolerate dry soil. They need it moist and prefer to grow in partial shade. Among them, for example, the variety ‘Manchu Blue’, which blooms from May to June in a blue-violet.

Known purple flowering varieties
Catmint ‘Superba’ is probably the most robust variety. It is well-tried and dates back to 1804. Its strengths are its enormously rich flowering and its undemanding nature. It presents its flowers as early as April.

Other varieties with purple flowers are:

  • ‘Grog’: gray-leaved, subtly citrus-scented, red calyxes.
  • ‘Odeur Citron’: grayish, strong citrus aroma that cats do not like.
  • ‘Walkers Low’: grayish foliage, intense flower color, rich flowering, up to 80 cm tall
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Insider tips among catmints
Varieties that are less known, but absolutely recommended for perennial beds as they provide pretty contrasts are the following:

  • ‘Snowflake’: white flowering, strong-growing
  • ‘Glacier Ice’: silver-blue flowering, very filigree looking
  • ‘Blue Danube’: blue-violet flowering, up to 120 cm high
  • ‘Dawn to Dusk’: purple calyxes and delicate lilac flowers

Tips & Tricks
Walkers Low’ is considered the best variety. It convinces with its color-intensive and numerous flowers, which outshine those of other varieties…


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