Lavender: Different Planting Distance For Different Varieties Of Lavender

When you think of lavender, dark purple to blue flowers usually appear before your inner eye. However, few garden lovers are aware that lavender comes in about 25 different varieties – all of which have different requirements. Although the key data (plenty of sun, little water, permeable soil) are the same, there are differences, for example, in terms of planting distances.

Lavendel Pflanzabstand

Do not plant lavender too closely

Lavender generally requires a lot of space, which is why the plants should not be planted too closely. Generally, you can assume that a spacing of about half the expected height of growth is optimal. Lower lavender varieties (such as Blue Dwarf, Hidecote, or Munstead) need about between 20 to 30 inches of space, while tall varieties, such as Speiklavender, which can grow up to three feet tall, need between 40 to 50 inches. When planting, also make sure that the individual plants do not take away each other’s sun later on; in addition, the plant should never be planted under trees or shrubs.

Tips & tricks
Many a potted plant does not tolerate being planted in containers that are too large. However, this does not apply to lavender – the more space the plant has, the better! But also make sure to keep the distance to high-maintenance plants such as roses as large as possible.


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