What Lavender Varieties Have Slow Growth

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Lavender grows quite quickly and can become very bushy and sometimes quite high. Speiklavendel, for example, reaches a height of up to one meter. How tall your lavender actually gets depends on the variety you choose – but also on the growing conditions. Under perfect conditions, even low lavender can grow much taller than specified.

Lavendel niedrige Sorten

The most beautiful varieties of lavender with low growth.

Low-growing lavender, or, as it is sometimes called, dwarf lavender, is the right choice for small gardens, as well as for a pot culture on the balcony or terrace. These varieties require much less space than the taller-growing ones, plus some cultivars can be set as ground-covering plants. The low lavenders generally grow more slowly than the conventional varieties, and some of them are also suitable for planting in a balcony box – provided that waterlogging can be avoided in such a box. Otherwise, the small-growing lavenders are perfect for a bed border or for low hedges. In mixed beds, they should be planted in the foreground if possible.

What Lavender Varieties Have Slow Growth

List of dwarf lavender
The main varieties of lavender with low growth include the following:

  • Lavandula angustifolia ‘Peter Pan’ (height between 25 and 35 centimeters, dark flower color).
  • Lavandula angustifolia ‘Nana Alba’ (height between 25 and 35 centimeters, white flowers)Lavandula
  • angustifolia ‘Dwarf Blue’ (height between 20 and 30 centimeters, blue flowers)
  • Lavandula angustifolia ‘Blue Scent’ (height between 25 and 40 centimeters, blue flowers)
  • Lavandula angustifolia ‘Munstead’ (height between 30 and 50 centimeters, dark blue flowers)
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Often the variety ‘Hidcote Blue’ is also described as dwarf, but this is not quite true. In fact, this rather dark-flowering variety can remain comparatively small, but easily reaches heights between 50 and 60 centimeters in good growing conditions.

French lavender also remains quite slow

The above list shows that especially varieties of true lavender – Latin Lavandula angustifolia – remain relatively low. This species continues to have the advantage of being hardy – that is, you can overwinter these plantlets outdoors. With growth heights between 40 and 60 centimeters and thus relatively small also remain different varieties of the Schopflavendel (Lavandula stoechas), which, however, does not tolerate cold and should be overwintered in the cold house.

Tips & tricks
On the other hand, lavender (Lavandula latifolia) and Provençal lavandin (Lavandula intermedia) grow very tall. In addition, these varieties are only hardy, but not winter-hardy.


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