Does White Lavender Have The Same Requirements As Purple Varieties

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The lush, seemingly endless lavender fields of Provence, blooming in characteristic purple, are famous and a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Little known, however, is that the Mediterranean plant is also available in other colors.

Weißer Lavendel

An unusual eye-catcher in the garden and on the balcony.
In particular, white lavender is an unusual eye-catcher in the garden and on the balcony and terrace. However, the bright white flower color is by no means typical of a particular variety of lavender, but occurs in almost all species. The height as well as the requirements of the white lavender do not depend on the flower color, but on the variety. Therefore, for the garden, white flowering true lavender is particularly suitable, while for cultivation in a pot, the best variety is the scalloped lavender. White lavender can be used in the same way as the typical purple or blue lavender. First mentioned about 400 years ago, white lavender is also occasionally found in the wild.

Does White Lavender Have The Same Requirements As Purple Varieties

The most beautiful white lavender varieties
White lavender is wonderful to plant in a pure white bed or as an interesting contrast to the darker flowers of other lavender varieties. Here we list the most beautiful varieties of white flowering lavender.

white varieties of true lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), winter-hardy

  • Arctic Snow
  • Blue Mountain White
  • Dwarf White (especially low growing)
  • Nana Alba
  • Celestial Star
  • Potpourri White
  • Crystal Lights
  • Melissa
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white varieties of lavandin (Lavandula intermedia), not hardy

  • Alba
  • Dutch White
  • Edelweiss
  • Herring Gull

white varieties of crested lavender (Lavandula stoechas), not hardy.

Snow Man (small growing and therefore especially suitable for pot culture)

Is white lavender hardy?

Whether white lavender is hardy depends on the variety of lavender. Usually only the different varieties of true lavender are considered hardy, all others are only hardy to the maximum and therefore cannot tolerate frost. Non-hardy lavender should be wintered under cold house conditions.

The care of white lavender

White lavender has the same conditions in terms of location, soil conditions and care as blue or purple lavender, this is completely independent of the flower color. The following applies to all types of lavender:

  • a full-sun, wind-protected location
  • loose, sandy and nutrient-poor soil
  • little to no fertilizer (especially no nitrogen!)
  • little, but regular watering (exception: lavender planted out in the garden)
  • no waterlogging, not too much moisture
  • protect hardy varieties in winter, e.g. with protective mats
  • overwinter all other varieties under cold house conditions

Tips & Tricks
The varieties Melissa and Coconut White even bloom in two colors, white and pink – a particularly striking sight.


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