Cut Oregano – How To Harvest The Spice

Oregano is a vigorously growing aromatic herb that forms dense carpets in its southern home. In order to prevent it from taking over the entire herb bed, it is advisable to cut the plant back regularly.

Oregano schneiden

Depending on the variety and location, oregano can reach growth heights between fifteen and sixty centimeters. The small, egg-shaped and slightly hairy leaves are an exquisite kitchen spice that gives dishes such as pizza or tomato sauce the typical southern touch.

Pruning is possible at any time

Oregano is a robust plant that tolerates pruning well. Already from April, when there is no longer a fear of night frosts, you can cut the aromatic herb. This pruning is necessary regularly during the summer months.

These cut branches make excellent cuttings for propagating the plant. For this purpose, remove the lower leaflets of oregano and put the plantlet in a container with growing soil. With proper care, the small shoot will quickly develop into a new plant.

Cut back during flowering
Oregano opens its pretty white, pink or purple lipped flowers in midsummer, when it tastes most aromatic, because it is then that the oils are formed. Now is the right time to harvest and process the culinary herb.

  • Cut the shoots above a branch to stimulate growth.
  • You can also process the edible flowers of the dost.
  • You can preserve oregano by drying or freezing it.
  • A final pruning is done in the fall.

After harvest time in early fall, cut oregano back to about a hand’s width above the ground. Since not all oregano is hardy you should give the plant winter protection of brushwood or fleece.

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From this pruning you can make an aromatic bath salt, which is excellent for upper respiratory diseases:

  • Fill 500 grams of Dead Sea salt into a screw-top jar.
  • Add about 100 grams of the cut branches.
  • Mix well.
  • For very dry skin, the addition of five tablespoons of whey powder has proven effective.

Tips & Tricks
Oregano likes to run wild by self-seeding and then fills the cracks between paving stones or gaps in a patchy lawn, for example. If this is undesirable, you should pull out the small seedlings in time and cut back the oregano before seeds form.


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