What Growing Conditions Does Oregano Prefer?

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The original home of oregano are the warm Mediterranean regions, where the spicy herb forms large flower carpets. These smell wonderfully aromatic in the summer months and serve as a valuable food source for numerous insects.

Oregano Standort

The oregano loves the sun

Overgrown oregano thrives in these areas preferably on dry meadows as well as on sparse forest edges. If the herb finds optimal conditions it grows denser and denser and overgrows large areas over the years.

What Growing Conditions Does Oregano Prefer?

The optimal site conditions
In the garden, oregano also loves a warm location and slightly calcareous, well-drained and rather nutrient-poor soil. A full sun or partial shade location in the rock garden or herb bed is ideal. Loosen loamy garden soils with some quartz sand or lava gravel. This prevents waterlogging, to which the oregano is very sensitive.

If you want to cultivate oregano on the balcony or windowsill, the location should be south-facing if possible. The plant also thrives well on an east or west-facing balcony.

Provide winter protection despite optimal location

Oregano is a hardy, robust and perennial perennial. Nevertheless, sufficient cold protection in the herb bed is advisable. In the fall, cover the soil around the herb with a layer of leaves and cover the oregano with brushwood branches. Potted plants can be overwintered in mild regions, provided with suitable winter protection, in a sheltered place on the balcony. Alternatively, a frost-free and bright room is suitable for overwintering.

Allergy sufferers beware
The fragrant flowers of oregano are a popular bee pasture. If you live in a household with allergies, you should therefore ensure sufficient distance from entrances, windows and frequently used areas of the garden or balcony. If this is not possible, it is recommended to consistently remove the flowers of the herb that appear from June.

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Tips & Tricks
The sunnier and brighter the oregano stands, the higher the content of essential oils in the leaves.


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